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Mario And Zelda Collide In New Ocarina Of Time Dungeon

Believe it or not, the worlds of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario aren't that far apart. Both contain games that ask you to do some exploration. Both routinely ask you to solve puzzles. We're fairly certain you could slip a Mario 64 level into, say, Ocarina of Time and make it work.


And indeed, someone has.

Modder Kaze Emanuar gets the credit here, as he successfully managed to move Mario 64's "Shifting Sand Land" level into The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and create an entirely new dungeon. It looks just like the space from Mario's Nintendo 64 adventure — but with a few tweaks Zelda fans will appreciate. Honestly? It's pretty cool.

You light torches to unlock new areas. You face obstacles that can knock you over or potentially kill you, just like in most Legend of Zelda titles. There's even a little fetch quest that — spoilers — involves bottling up a fish and delivering it to a cat. That grants you entry to "Shifting Sand Dungeon," which is basically the inside of the pyramid from the Mario 64 level, but looks every bit like something you'd encounter in a Zelda game.


You might even forget this level wasn't in Ocarina of Time to begin with.

Kaze Emanuar is quite the modder

This isn't Kaze Emanuar's first rodeo, by the way. The prolific modder and YouTuber has also worked on a number of other tweaks that make old games feel new again. For instance, there's the Super Mario 64 Land mod that adds a slew of new levels to Super Mario 64, including some from past Mario titles. There's even a mod that enables split-screen multiplayer in Mario's classic 64-bit adventure. How rad is that?


We'll definitely be keeping an eye on Kaze's YouTube channel going forward, and will let you know if any other interesting hacks pop up. We're betting they do.