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Dwarf Fortress Gets Some Delightful And Devious Updates

Dwarf Fortress is a colony simulation game that's been in the works since back in 2006. In the years since, the dedicated devs at Bay 12 Games have been continually improving upon the game and adding in cartloads of features. The latest release is chock full of features that fans have been requesting for quite some time. In the words of the devs, this is "the guilds and temples and adventurer parties and pets release which also has artifact heists and extensive historical villainy, with lots of new mostly evil magical stuff" release.


The villains release

Beware, industrious dwarves! Thanks to this newest update, a villain might target your fortress. You'll be able to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and investigate the disappearance of pilfered artifacts. You will be able to interrogate anybody and everybody with the hopes of finding the thief. Finding the culprit might lead to the name of their master, or details of other nefarious goings on in the world. Right now, the devs say that this information won't impact the world... yet. 


What will effect your fortress is the work of necromancers. Your fortress might be invaded by "horrible things if the necromancers or demons have been entertaining themselves."

The guilds and temples and adventurer parties and pets release

Onto the more delightful things: Dwarf Fortress isn't all about colony management. There is also a roguelike adventure mode that now allows for players to – -get ready for it — pet animals! This mechanic is typically in high demand. What's more is that the updated adventure mode makes Dwarf Fortress play like a JRPG: players form their parties, head out into the world, and then control their party members in turn-based combat. Bay 12 promises new character creation options like "starting background, religion, starting site selection, equipment including quality, mounts/pets" along with the freedom to build your party members from scratch.


Beware historical plots like "theft, sabotage," and "abduction." Ready yourself for "snow-balling zombie invasions, multiple experiment types, intelligent undead lieutenants with new powers," and "nightmarish summons." Enjoy "romantic relationship changes" and the ability to organize new guilds and guild halls.

This is a massive update, and it's live now.