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Video Game Heroes That Would Make Terrible Friends

The world of video games has seen some pretty incredible characters over the years. From grand heroes to diabolical villains, it's so easy to get attached to well-defined characters and their stories. But if you really step outside of the narrative of a game, some of these characters begin to look a little different. In short, even some of the coolest characters in video games would absolute suck to hang out with. Yes, even the heroes.


We're not even talking strictly annoying characters — though being annoying will definitely get you a spot on this list. Even incessant talkers like Link's friend Navi from Ocarina of Time can serve a purpose, and they're generally well-meaning. No, it's just that some video game characters, while brave and powerful and all the rest, would just be plain terrible to have as a friend. With that in mind, let's take a look at a few characters that would seem to suck the life out of any social situation, whether they meant to or not.

Fallout 4's Preston Garvey just takes and takes

If you've played this game, you probably know the truth: Preston Garvey from Fallout 4 is one of the most roundly disliked video game characters in recent memory. Sure, he's the leader of the Minutemen, a group dedicated to taking the Wastelands back from the raiders and monsters that have claimed it over the years. But the fact that remains that he's...a bit of a mooch?


At every turn throughout the game, Preston is constantly asking the player character to go help out with one of the Minutemen's settlements. In other words, Preston Garvey starts as an ally, but quickly becomes that neighbor who keeps borrowing your tools and never returning them. Only here, instead of snagging your lawnmower, he's constantly asking you to use up your precious supplies defending one group after another with little in the way of a reward. Nobody likes that kind of neighbor, Preston. He's been enough of a pain to earn a ton of memes in his "honor."

Dante from Devil May Cry might be too cool for you

Look, nobody is going to try and argue that Devil May Cry's Dante isn't awesome. That's just a proven scientific fact. But he's also almost too cool for his own good. The problem with Dante is that he never thinks he needs to explain himself. Dante is the kind of guy who will steal your girl, break your stuff, play his music too loud, and shoot one of your other friends in the face — and he'll do it all right in front of you. Sure, it'll turn out that person was actually a demon in disguise all along, but would it kill Dante to give you a little bit of a heads up?


Even worse is the Dante from the DMC reboot, who's one of the most controversial game characters in recent memory. While that game has a bit of a bad rap that's arguably not entirely deserved, the biggest problems with DMC stem from its protagonist. While old school Dante could be a bit of a blowhard at times, DMC Dante is a straight-up edge-lord. This is the guy everyone knew in high school who smoked outside of class and cursed at the teachers because he thought it made him look cool. He's alright to grab a drink with one-on-one, but you probably don't want the rest of your friends to meet him.

Matroid's Samus Aran will straight-up KILL you

Samus Aran from the Metroid series has saved the galaxy multiple times, often at great personal cost. This would lead one to think that Samus is exactly the hero you'd want in your corner. In reality, though, being friends with Samus would be the actual worst, and for one very good reason: all of her friends seem to get killed in terrible ways. During the events of Metroid Prime 3, a few of her fellow bounty hunters are corrupted by Phazon, the extra-dimensional element that has affected Samus in the past (and which she's beaten). Her solution? Kill all of them and, as is the case with the ill-fated Rundus, take their abilities for herself.


Another prime example (no pun intended) of this phenomenon is Samus' former Commanding Officer, Adam Malkovich. Though Samus proves over the course of Metroid: Other M to be an ineffectual soldier at just about every turn, Adam still sacrifices his life to save her. This basically proves that Samus' reputation may far exceed her actual worth as a colleague or pal. If the new gal who shows up to work is named Samus, do yourself a favor: run the other way.