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Cloud's New FF7 Makeover Has The Internet Going Crazy

There's a new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer out and it has fans more excited than ever before. It's chock full of characters, content, and even a few new surprises previously unseen in the original. What has the internet in a collective tizzy, though, is the fact that we get to see crossdressing Cloud.


"I love this. Square saw the people going, 'Why would Don Cornero pick Cloud???' and went, 'Hold my beer.' I hope this is the over the top song and dance number that it looks like it is because it is AMAZING." tweeted one elated fan.

Quick history lesson: in the original Final Fantasy 7, Cloud must find various accessories so as to be made over into a lovely lady. This is done in order to gain entry into infamous crime lord — and infamous letch — Don Corneo's mansion. After getting together his charming disguise, the girls at the adults-only Honey Bee Inn club will give him a makeover. With his new braids and conservative but cute dress Don Corneo won't be able to resist him.

The original Final Fantasy 7 was a blocky, polygonal affair, hampered by the technology of the time. Now we get to see Cloud in photo realistic detail, all gussied up. The 1997 version turned Cloud into a joke — haha, the masculine guy is in a dress. This time around, the remake seems to be treating the practice of crossdressing with a little more respect. In the words of the queen bee at the Honey Bee Inn, "True beauty is an expression of the heart. A thing without shame, to which notions of gender don't apply."


Okay, what's in the rest of the trailer?

The trailer serves to also premiere the game's new theme song, "Hollow" — which is composed, of course, by veteran Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. Set to this catchy song, we first see Tifa and Cloud as children, gazing at the stars and thinking about the future. Cloud wants to be a great soldier. Like Sephiroth.


Cloud faces off with Sephiroth in the trailer too, and gets his butt handed to him. Along with this handsomely sinister one-winged angel, the trailer shows off several sadistic Shinra employees like Professor Hojo, Scarlet, and Palmer. On the heroic side of things, we get a first look at Red 13, or Nanaki, the talking lion thing that fans have loved since 1997.

Despite this being a remake, there is some new content. There's some soldier named Roche who has a bone to pick with Cloud, and was previously unheard of in the long history of the series. And there is also the new Leviathan summon that pays homage to Final Fantasy 14, and serves as a very cool and very powerful call back to the far flung future of the series.


We won't have to wait too much longer for the release of the remake. Final Fantasy 7 Remake comes to PlayStation 4 on April 10.