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Here's What GTA 5 Looks Like In Full VR

Here's a burning question for you: Why on earth hasn't Grand Theft Auto 5 received some kind of official VR release? It's the kind of game — with its open world and endless possibilities — that seems tailor-made for such a move. Fortunately, modders exist to give us what Rockstar won't.


Take LukeRoss00, for instance. This hero decided that the VR scene in GTA 5 was lacking, so they took matters into their own hands and built the R.E.A.L. mod. It's described as a "VR conversion" for Rockstar's hit game, and by the looks of it, the mod delivers on that promise. It lets you play through the entirety of Grand Theft Auto 5 using VR, and yes, that means driving, shooting, and tossing the occasional grenade all appear to be working just fine.

You can watch YouTuber Nathie give the mod a go, but be warned: it'll likely make you insanely jealous.

Now seriously, why hasn't Rockstar done something like this?

Rockstar does make VR games

It's not as though Rockstar is averse to VR — not by a long shot. The studio actually re-released L.A. Noire a few years back, and even put out some VR content to go along with it. So why haven't games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 been given the VR treatment? What's the deal?


The answer might come down to cold-hard cash. it's entirely possible both the aforementioned titles are selling just fine on their own, and adding VR to the mix would cost more than it recoups. Adding virtual reality to a property like L.A. Noire makes sense, in that people tend to overlook that particular game in favor of Rockstar's other work. But is a lack of VR really keeping people from buying GTA 5? The game continues to sell well over six years after its release. It's doing just dandy.

It seems the Rockstar community will have to handle quirky things like VR support, and thank goodness, some modders have. We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more add-ons like this one, and we'll get them in front of you should they really blow our minds.