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Pokemon's Professor Oak Is Going On His Own Adventure

The very first person that many young Pokemon trainers met on their journey was Professor Oak. In the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, he greeted us, asked us for our gender, and then promptly forgot the name of his own grandchild. For years, he has been one of the most famous and lauded Pokemon researchers... but he was a trainer once, too. Soon he'll be reliving the good old days of battling Pokemon.


This is what the newest trailer for the mobile game Pokemon Masters seems to indicate, anyway. In the short teaser video we see someone who looks and sounds an awful lot like the Pokemon Professor don a white lab coat and jaunt off to "relive the old days a little."

Everyone seems to have caught on as to this character's true identity. This not-so-mysterious character will be unveiled just in time for Valentine's Day on Feb. 14, when this new trainer is made available in the game.

What kind of Pokemon trainer is Professor Oak?

In Pokemon Masters, the biggest names in Pokemon have come together for some all-out battling on the island of Pasio. There, they and their equally famous Pokemon participate in 3v3 battles. Red has his Charizard, Cynthia has her Garchomp, and Professor Oak's own grandson is there with his Pidgeot.


Which Pokemon will Professor Oak bring along? He is in the unique position of having access to just about each and every Pokemon, but fans seem to believe that his partner will be none other than the mythical Pokemon Mew. This rumor is fueled in part by an apparently Mew-shaped shadow from the teaser trailer and a data miner who claims that Mew will be partnered with the Professor.

Hardcore players are already analyizing how strong this mythic Pokemon will be in Pokemon Masters, while everyone else just seems excited to see the Pokemon Professor in action at long last. 

This "secret" new trainer will be coming to Pokemon Masters on Feb. 14.