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Fortnite Season 2 Might Be All About 'The Agency'

There's a mystery afoot in the world of Fortnite. It seems the upcoming Fortnite Season 2 will have some kind of secret agent theme, or else Epic Games is actually playing host to an organization of spies. What is "The Agency" and why is it "activating" players on Discord?


Over the last few days, Fortnite fans have noticed mysterious ads for the game. Rather than the usual branding, these ads feature a golden handprint placed over the Fortnite logo. They glitch out and list a number that evidently connects callers to "The Agency." Now, it seems as if The Agency is everywhere. 

On the official Fortnite Discord, players are being randomly "activated" and given golden names on the server. A bot called The Agency hasn't given out any straight answers about why certain people are chosen or what this means. 

It's a safe bet this has something to do with Season 2, especially given the new information from the official Fortnite Twitter.

Season 2 is fast approaching

The first tweet that connects The Agency with Season 2 is an image of that mysterious golden hand and the message "transmission intercepted." There is some kind of blacked-out, redacted message in the body of the tweet, which the account appears to slowly be revealing. The second tweet, which features what looks like a mask split into six pieces, added this code: "FN.CH02.S02."


Sounds like Season 2. The Fortnite Twitter account is also decked out in gold. Players have found some in-game items have also turned gold and have thus become indestructible. Could this be a tease of a new, formidable building material? Maybe. But what does gold have to do with cats?

When players call the aforementioned phone numbers, they recieve the following message: "Agency recruitment drive is a go. Happy hunting, agents... Agents, oil rig operation confirmed," immediately followed by the sound of a cute kitty. Is this the "Agent Meowscles" described by data miners earlier this month? 

You're going to find out soon. Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 launches on Feb. 20.