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How Many Villagers Can You Have In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Your deserted island is about to get crowded. How many villagers can you have in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? The answer might surprise you. Although they will come and go, you can meet, greet, and befriend 383 animal villagers in the game. And that may not even be the final number.


Tom Nook tweeted on Friday on the official Animal Crossing UK Twitter page that he was busy sending out letters about the deserted island getaway package."That's a whopping 383 letters... You can be sure we're pouring our heart and soul into each and every one!" said Nook. This was accompanied by an image previewing many of the fresh and familiar faces you'll encounter as part of life on the island.

That's a lot of villagers ... but how many are brand new? Who is returning? The good folks over at the Animal Crossing Wiki have confirmed approximately 150 familiar faces making a comeback. This list includes Kid Cat, Flora, Fauna, Queenie, Tybalt, Willow, and many more adorable, personality-packed characters. Sharp-eyed fans have also started compiling lists of the as-yet named new cats, cubs, goats, and other animals that have had cameos in the promotional material for New Horizons.


Another thing to consider about this expansive list is how many neighbors the island can support at one time. Real estate mogul Tom Nook hasn't yet spilled the details on how expansive your village can be — you can only grow so big before your settlement hits the sea, after all. Then again, this is the biggest Animal Crossing game yet, complete with the ability to visit new islands and even try out some multiplayer functions. Up to eight people can visit with the island's inhabitants at one time. 

This impressive list of 383 villagers might grow in the future with the addition of limited-time events and maybe even DLC down the line, if the rumors prove true.