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Dark Alliance - What We Know So Far

Dungeons & Dragons is enjoying something of a renaissance lately. People are gathering with their character sheets and setting out on adventures en masse. It's no surprise then that there's another D&D video game on the way. Wizards of the Coast has unearthed fan favorite adventurer Drizzt Do'Urden and his legendary Companions of the Hall to star in the upcoming Dark Alliance


The four player co-op action RPG is going to be just the first of "seven or eight" D&D based video games. Dark Alliance is described as spiritual successor to PlayStation 2's Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance games, but with enhanced graphics, gameplay, and... well, it's a significant improvement all around. 

So, what is the Dark Alliance release date? What platforms will Dark Alliance release on? Here's what you need to know about this perilous journey into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

What is the Dark Alliance release date?

Fans will enjoy D&D games for years to come, but when does this Dungeons & Dragons dynasty start? Dark Alliance was announced at The Game Awards 2019 sans any kind of release date. That said, it won't be long before you'll need to gather your adventuring party to slay together. 


The trailer is pretty impressive, implying that the devs at Turque Games have put in some serious hours toward the completion of the game. The studio is populated by many ex-Ubisoft employees. Ubisoft, home of the Assassin's Creed franchise, is known to push out games fast. Dark Alliance is set to follow this pattern with a Fall 2020 launch.

Is there a trailer for Dark Alliance?

The Dark Alliance trailer is ... trippy. This fast, furious, and downright dizzying video depicts drow rogue Drizzt, dwarven king Bruenor Battlehammer, human fighter Catti-brie, and barbarian Wulfgar fighting in a blizzard. It's dark, snowy, and it looks as if it's been filmed via GoPro. The camera, and thus your point of view, is attached to various weapons as the party hacks and slashes their way through their numerous enemies. It's pretty intense, and even kind of bloody. You get an up close and personal view of the gore left on Drizzt's famous twin blades. 


This battle offers the first glimpse of what the Companions of the Hall will be up against in the new game. Set in the frigid Icewind Dale, the story will draw on elements from the R.A. Salvatore novels that expand on Drizzt and his misadventures. Even if you haven't read about how great a fighter Drizzt is, you can certainly get a sense of his skill in this action-packed trailer.

What platforms will Dark Alliance be available on?

Here's some good news for everyone: Dark Alliance will come to both consoles and PC. This multiplayer title is meant to be played with friends, so online connectivity is key.  Dark Alliance is an old school series and it will also support old school modes of co-op, including a split-screen mode.


So far, Wizards of the Coast have left fans in the dark as to which consoles Dark Alliance will release on. Is this going to be a next-gen game? Will it come to the Nintendo Switch? Will it be exclusive to Xbox or PlayStation? This mystery remains alive and well.