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The Weird Trick Red Dead Players Are Using To Avoid Fall Damage

In case you were wondering whether or not Red Dead Redemption players could get any more dastardly and ingenious, allow us to introduce you to the latest loophole discovered in the game's coding. Trust us when we say that this is somehow more brilliant than any of the creative ways Grand Theft Auto players have learned to cheat over the years.


With all of the massive mountain ranges and valleys in Red Dead Redemption 2, falling to your death is actually a pretty regular occurrence. Even if you manage to survive a jaunt off a cliffside, you're still likely to receive a ton of damage. Well, worry no longer, because now you can use your own weak bowels to bungie yourself to safety ... kind of.

If you're still there after that lovely description, then you're probably able to handle the following description of a technique known as "vomit rope." You may want to sit down or take an antacid.

As illustrated by YouTube channel Darereal, vomit roping is the ideal way to survive a nasty tumble entirely, as long as you're not the squeamish kind of player. In the video, right before plummeting off the edge of a cliff, Darereal eats some Common Bulrush. This is a plant that can be used for crafting in the game, but will make your character violently throw up if it is consumed. And this isn't like some delayed reaction, either; we're talking immediate and disgusting rejection from the human body.


As Darereal falls, his character bends over at the waste to throw up, which has a bizarre effect on the game's physics. For one, the vomit trails behind the player in a rope-like stream, almost taking on the appearance of a bungie cord. The player's descent also seems to slow a bit as the game stutters through the vomiting animation.

It appears as though the puking animation trips up the usual flailing that occurs when a character falls off the cliff, essentially tricking the game into leaving the character standing while they fall. The result is that the character will make it to the bottom of the drop without taking the usual heavy damage that comes with a tumble like that.

Naturally, something this insane has caught on pretty quickly within the Red Dead community. In case you were worried this was a one-time fluke of the game, other players are trying it out and recording it for themselves, with equally bonkers results. It appears that it doesn't necessarily have to be the Bulrush that triggers it, but rather any substance that turns the player's stomach.

If nothing else, it's refreshing to see Red Dead players finding ways of exploiting the game in fun and silly methods. There have been several recent cases of malicious hackers in Red Dead Online, so to see folks rallying around something as wacky as vomit rope is oddly comforting, in a way. 


A few folks on Twitter have even decided that they want to name a band "Vomit Rope," which honestly sounds like the greatest cowboy punk band of all time. Others are trying to figure out how someone could have even stumbled upon this technique. One theory on Twitter posits that someone was trying to make their character throw up over the side of a cliff and accidentally slipped, triggering the lifesaving animation.

Of course, this only works if your character has just taken the required puke inducing supplements. If you're in a mad chase with a bounty or running from the law and you fall over a cliff, it isn't going to help you much. Otherwise, you'd be some kind of crazy person just downing a ton of Bulrush in the hopes that you'll plunge over a cliff. 

No, this technique only really comes in handy if you're the kind of person who doesn't have the patience to find a better route around a sheer drop. If you don't want to fast travel or you see something at the bottom of the cliff that you've just gotta get to fast, then by all means, chow down on some Common Bulrush and get a good running start.

On the other hand, you may just be the kind of person who just loves the truly bizarre visual that comes from this action. In that case, no one would blame you for doing it to your heart's content. It's definitely the kind of feat that you tell the boys about when you get back to the saloon. Whether or not it's more believable than that time you got jumped by a spooky two-headed skeleton all depends on how you tell the tale.