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The Wolf Among Us 2 - What We Know So Far

Many thought the return of Bigby Wolf was just a fairy tale. After all, Telltale Games seemed to have told its final story when it unceremoniously shut down in September 2018. But then holding company LCG Entertainment swooped in, fairy godmother-like, and resurrected the studio. As part of that process, The Wolf Among Us 2 was also reborn. The project had been well underway before Telltale infamously folded, but the new Telltale and AdHoc Studio started from scratch on the follow up to the lauded 2013 title. 


It's about time. Telltale announced the sequel in 2017, promising you'd get the chance to revisit Fabletown in 2019. The studio closure, unfortunately, put a pin in that. That's why gamers everywhere were surprised and delighted to see a brief trailer for the game at The Game Awards 2019. So, when can you now expect to play The Wolf Among Us 2? Which platforms will it come to? What will the story be like? Here's everything you need to know about the sequel.

When will The Wolf Among Us 2 release?

Starting from scratch is no easy feat, but LCG Entertainment wanted to give the creative team a clean slate to work with. The company has confirmed the work the original Telltale team did before the studio shuttered will not be part of the game. The new team has also left the aging Telltale Tool behind, revealing The Wolf Among Us 2 is being built using Unreal Engine. 


How long does it take to make a The Wolf Among Us title? The circumstances make that a bit of a challenge to determine. While some optimistic folks believe the return to Fabletown will arrive sooner rather than later, you likely won't see the game until early 2021. At least one alleged leak supports this theory, with the now deleted Reddit user providing an overview of the current state of development at Telltale Games.

Is there a trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2?

The trailer that revealed the existence of the resurrected The Wolf Among Us 2 is just a 47 second teaser, but it still managed to get fans hyped. The moody, neon-lit noir style that made a name for the original game brought back fond memories. Narrated by the familiar voice of Snow White, she asks Bigby to become the big bad wolf once more ... for them ... for her. Can she count on him?


"Always," he replies. While this doesn't explain much about the sequel, LCG has confirmed Snow and Bigby's original voice actors are reprising their roles. Fans were glad for the news: Bigby Wolf has a very distinctive voice and they don't want anyone other than the talented Adam Harrington to bring his gruff dialogue to life.

What platforms will The Wolf Among Us 2 be on?

How can you play The Wolf Among Us 2 once it releases? If you're a PC user, then you're going to have to download the Epic Games Store. The new Telltale has an exclusive deal with the storefront for this title, so it won't be on Steam like its predecessor. 


Console players won't be left out. LCG Entertainment has said the game will come to consoles ... just not which ones. There's no evidence suggesting that The Wolf Among Us 2 will be a next-generation console title; the cell shaded comic book style isn't too demanding when it comes to graphics, after all. You'll have to wait for word from the new Telltale, but it's unlikely you'll need to buy the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X to continue Bigby Wolf's story.

What's the story of The Wolf Among Us 2?

The Wolf Among Us franchise is based on the Fables comic book series by Bill Willingham. Both games serve as canon prequels, taking place about twenty years before the events of the comics. That places the events of the first game, and presumably the second, in the '80s. It seems '80s nostalgia is all the rage these days.


The Wolf Among Us 2 will follow the grisly events of the first game. Snow White is now the deputy mayor and she has a job for Bigby. Apparently, he's going to have to resort to his old, brutal ways to get this job — whatever it is — done. The original certainly left some loose threads for you to pick at (who is Nerissa, really?) but Telltale has been hush hush so far about what the new title will be about. The Wolf Among Us 2 will unfold over the course of multiple episodes, though it remains unclear how those episodes will release.