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The Truth About Ninja And DrLupo's Relationship

Two of the biggest names in streaming also happen to be best buddies: Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Ben "DrLupo" Lupo. You'll often find them streaming together, tweeting at each other, and even trolling each other — good-naturedly, of course. Even after Ninja's split from Twitch, the two remain great friends who share a fanbase. Viewers come for the insane skills they have in the battle royale arena, but stay for their witty banter.


There's something pretty hilarious about two grown men screaming at each other as they try to kill their way to a victory royale. How did Ninja and DrLupo's relationship come about and how have they grown that connection over the years? Here's what you need to know.

How it all started

Ninja and DrLupo first met in a test of skill. This happened back when Ninja was still known for being a professional Halo player rather than the biggest streamer in the world. Fortnite had yet to come onto the scene and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was all the rage. The two were pitted against each other in a match, and Ninja seemed to have the upper-hand ... at first. He was poised on a roof with a sniper rifle, firing round after round at his enemy: DrLupo.


DrLupo threw a single grenade and that proved all he needed to save himself. This miracle of a throw blew up directly in Ninja's face, taking him out and leaving DrLupo to fight on. Ninja was absolutely stunned as he stared at the screen. This led him to message DrLupo and invite him to play some duos sometime. The rest, as they say, is history.

Trolling each other

Ever since their fateful first encounter, the two streamers have appeared on each other's streams consistently. Both are skilled in the art of battle royales, and are often pitted against one another in intense Fortnite matches. They delight in trolling each other, effectively screwing each other over as they both desperately try to escape the range of the other's weapon. 


This has resulted in a plethora of compilations on their respective channels, including: "Clutching Up With Dr Lupo The Troll" and "NINJA AND DRLUPO AFTER DARK! WHAT DO THEY GET UP TO?!" What they get up to is a whole lot of mischief.

Supporting each other

Even if they're prone to roasting and trolling each other, Ninja and DrLupo are friends to the end. They have each other's best interests in mind. You can observe this supportive relationship on their Twitter pages. They have also helped each other through tough times. 


When Ninja switched to Mixer — a big move that shook up the streaming community — DrLupo voiced his opinion on Ninja's decision in a stream, saying, "He did what he thought was best for him and his family. More power." He continued by telling the chat, which was lobbing questions at him, that they shouldn't say that Ninja is "selling out." Rather, he made a smart decision, a decision that would not alter the way they play together. Their friendship would stay strong, even if they were on different streaming platforms.

2018 was a big, tumultuous year for both streamers. For DrLupo, the unthinkable happened when his father tragically passed away. Ninja reached out on Twitter, saying, "Love you so much Ben. Think it was fate we played that one game last night... I'm there if you need me." 


Ninja and DrLupo share demanding careers and have proven time and again that they are there for one another.