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Dr Disrespect Comes Face To Face With The Undertaker

It might shock you to learn that a fair amount of gamers also follow professional wrestling. You can see this manifested in the popularity of the WWE 2K series, which despite having a down year, usually sells well. Wrestlers like Xavier Woods, who hosts the show UpUpDownDown on YouTube, have also built up quite a following in gaming circles. And some video game news outlets now cover "sports entertainment" with the same enthusiasm as a new console launch.


It only makes sense that notorious streamer Dr Disrespect would go toe to toe with a WWE superstar for some kind of new promotion. We're just wondering if maybe he picked a fight with the wrong guy.

In a series of videos on Dr. Disrespect's stream, the streamer exchanged words with the WWE's resident dead man. In one clip, The Undertaker told the Doc, "I've been watching this so-called domination in your arena. I'm not impressed." In another, Dr Disrespect responded by bashing The Undertaker's shtick.

"For thirty years, you've been playing the same score. It's repetitive. Uninspired. Weak," the Doc said. "The Christmas bells-inspired soundtrack don't intimidate nobody.".

The two seemingly ended their short feud by simultaneously grabbing each other's throats, with the clip eventually transitioning to a busted pair of the sunglasses Dr Disrespect had been wearing just seconds before. We already had some ideas about who'd win a brawl between a Blockbuster video game champion and a WWE champion, but those broken shades were a sign that the Doc likely came out on the losing end of whatever tussle happened off screen.


So this was a neat little series of events, in that both wrestling fans and fans of Dr Disrespect got to see two worlds collide. But what was it all for, exactly? What would get The Undertaker — a hot ticket in professional wrestling — to jump in front of a green screen and exchange choke holds with a guy who streams video games all day? The answer, like so many things, appears to come down to the almighty dollar.

In one portion of the stream, according to Dotesports, Dr Disrespect heads outside his "Arena" to find his statue has been swapped out with a new G-FUEL can; one bearing The Undertaker's likeness. The Doc — at least until this point — was probably the name most attached to G-FUEL, given how prominent the brand is in all of his streams. The Undertaker getting his own flavor of G-FUEL would definitely change that dynamic, however. The WWE star has been around for decades at this point, and could very well be considered the face of professional wrestling. 

Fans old and new know who The Undertaker is, after all. The same can't be said for some of the newer WWE superstars. And as to who is more well known between Dr Disrespect and The Undertaker, well, that's an easy question to answer. Let's just say it's not the guy with the red vest and the fake mustache.


It seems that The Undertaker will become the new king of G-FUEL for the moment, which means this entire episode with the dead man and the Doc was a sort of wrestling bit in and of itself. Dr Disrespect was the undisputed champ of the brand, but seems to have dropped his title to the bigger name. The broken sunglasses signaled the end of a fight we unfortunately didn't get to see, but Dr Disrespect put The Undertaker over (to use a wrestling term) and made him look good in front of the Doc's fans. It's safe to say this was a win for both Dr Disrespect (who got a huge name onto his stream), and the WWE (which may have roped in some new fans).

Hopefully we'll see more of this in the future. Dr Disrespect's on-screen persona is practically a professional wrestling character — how about getting the two-time into the ring, even if it's just for one match?

For now, it appears the beef between Dr Disrespect and The Undertaker has been settled. The popular Twitch streamer will likely get back to work playing games in front of his many fans on the platform. The Undertaker — who is a part-time wrestler these days — will probably keep wrestling until he's a hundred years old. The odds of the two crossing paths in the squared circle aren't all that high, but that doesn't mean we've seen the last of this rather unusual feud. Should The Undertaker show up once more to take over Dr Direspect's stream, we'll let you know.