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Roommate Damages Streamer's Set Up Mid Stream

A few nights ago, Twitch streamer True_Schu found his broadcast being loudly interrupted by an unexpected development. As viewers looked on, a visibly intoxicated roommate of his, identified in the stream as "Bones," came into the room with a chip on his shoulder. 


Through a serious of expletives, Bones accused True_Schu of calling him names and talking about him on stream. He yelled at the streamer to never use his name again in a public setting. Whether this was a reference to a previous stream or an argument they had on their own time is unclear, but it was obviously a major point of contention for the enraged Bones. 

As reported by GameRant, the original video of the altercation has been removed from Twitch, but several viewers have saved portions of the fight in clip format. At the beginning of the confrontation, True_Schu appears to be trying to keep the peace as best he can. He tells his roommate, "Stop messing with my stream. We'll talk about it in the morning. We can talk about this tomorrow."


Around this time, Bones seemed to realize that his rant was being broadcast. One or both of the streamers decided to cover up the webcam (or it was somehow disconnected), but the conversation could still be heard by viewers. As far as people can tell, Bones had done something to True_Schu's monitor by this point. The streamer can be heard telling Bones, "this is a problem, dude. This is huge. Bones, this is my monitor, dude," suggesting that the monitor had been damaged in some way.

The confrontation must have either lasted quite a while or continued in spurts, as another clip shows the webcam recording the scene as Bones gets up in True_Schu's face in a threatening manner. Shortly thereafter, another roommate enters the fray to help deescalate the situation. 

After the air was cleared somewhat, True_Schu attempted to dissuade fan's concerns by joking a bit about the situation. However, many fans in the chat during this broadcast seemed concerned for his safety. Some expressed this in a similarly joking fashion, such as when fellow streamer OHM3GA told him, "I'll never yell at u bb."

Though True_Schu seems to be handling this situation rather well, it's been well established that some other streamers aren't exactly on the up and up. This is far from the first time that a drunken episode has been broadcast to unsuspecting Twitch viewers. However, it usually involves the streamer themselves, not a rowdy roommate or friend. In most cases, these resulted in a ban for the streamers involved and occasionally spelled the end of a career.


Early last year, Super Smash Bros. streamer Mango had a bit too much to drink and passed out in the middle of a stream. Not only did he lose consciousness, but he fell to the floor in front of his viewers. This violated Twitch's Community Guidelines, which prohibit "dangerous consumption of drugs or alcohol." According to Mango, however, the ban he received over this incident was an overreaction. He explained to fans on Twitter that, while he had too much to drink, the falling on the floor was a bit he'd done as a joke. Still, it crossed a line of good taste in the eyes of Twitch.

In another case, professional Apex Legends streamer LyndonFPS was given an indefinite ban for passing out drunk in the middle of a stream. The video of the offending stream has since been removed from Twitch, but clips of the incident have continued to make the rounds on other sites.

It's unclear if Twitch will hold True_Schu accountable for the actions of others. Even though the incident occurred during his stream, it does seem like most of the situation was unfortunately out of his hands. Bizarrely enough, this isn't even the first time that a random violent incident has occurred during one of True_Schu's streams. Yet again, however, it appeared to be something that he couldn't have really anticipated.


Last fall, True_Schu was greeted by a random stranger while he streamed the festivities before the 2019 TwitchCon. After a few moments of awkward but peaceful small talk, the strange man decided to bite into True_Schu's shoulder. The streamer immediately told the stranger to get away from him, clearly distressed by the random bite on his shoulder. Though the stream continued, it was plain to see that the incident unsettled True_Schu.

As for right now, it appears that the situation with Bones has mostly blown over. Hopefully True_Schu won't have to deal with another bizarre confrontation any time in the near future. Guys, can we all agree to not bite or drunkenly trash equipment during streams? True_Schu's had a rough go of it.