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The Real Reason Why CouRage And Myth Don't Want To Stream Fortnite

While Fortnite continues to be one the biggest games on the market, many of gaming's biggest streamers are beginning to pull away from the battle royale phenomenon in a noticeable way. Two of more high profile examples of this would be CouRage and Myth. Though both streamers continue to play Fortnite occasionally, they have both expressed an interest in branching out and lessening their time with the game. 


According to a report from Dexerto, superstar streamer Ninja has weighed in on why he thinks CouRage and Myth have stepped back from Fortnite. For Ninja's part, he seems to believe that his own personal longevity with Fortnite comes from how hard he trained for Fortnite tournaments in the past. During prep for Fortnite Championship Series events, he found himself grinding and honing his skills on the game, which made it feel like a part of his daily routine.

For Ninja, much of the lack of passion for Fortnite in other streamers comes down to them simply not being as well-versed in the game; they don't live and breathe Fortnite, so it's easy to feel like it's not for them anymore.

It should be noted that Ninja has a particularly high standing within the Fortnite community. In fact, it's hard to imagine a world where Ninja and Fortnite aren't considered nearly synonymous. This has reached the point where the streamer has his own Fortnite skin, making him a literal part of the game. It makes one wonder how well he would do if he ever decided to play a different game for any significant length of time.


This fear of losing viewers is one of the reasons why CouRage is still streaming Fortnite, even though he doesn't play as often as he used to. As he explained in a recent tweet, ""I want to play other games that interest me on stream. But...I've realized I actually do have a 'fear' of playing other games and having less viewers."

This isn't the first time CouRage has expressed disillusionment with Fortnite. Despite being a favorite game of the streamer, Fortnite pushed CouRage to the breaking point within the last few years, mainly because of perceived weaknesses and frustrations within the game. Last summer, CouRage quit in the middle of the Fortnite Twitch Rivals tournament after being felled by one of the game's massive B.R.U.T.E. mechs. After yelling at the screen, he apologized to his teammate and said he was done with Fortnite for the day. He explained that he felt as though Epic Games simply wasn't listening to the fans' complaints about the game. 

"I talked to so many people at Epic about so many things, and they get me so excited," he said at the time of the tournament, "and then they do this, bro! There is no rewarding part of this thing ... It's making my blood boil, dude." Within minutes, he was streaming Minecraft instead, clearly finding more value in that game than his current anger at Fortnite could allow.


Myth's recent comments have reflected this sentiment. He recently tweeted his intentions to move away from Fortnite to his fans, explaining, "I think I'm gonna be taking a little break from Fortnite till they add something interesting into the game to grab my attention again."

Judging by the assured tone of this tweet (and the fact that he framed it almost as a favor to fans), it seems to fall in line with Ninja's theory: some players are beginning to feel underwhelmed by Fortnite. In general, there has been a decline of player interest in Fortnite. This is despite Epic Games' willingness to try new things — although many of those tweaks were made to compete with Apex Legends, a game that many felt was poised to kill Fortnite around this time last year.

While Ninja continues to flourish, it does seem like CouRage and Myth are at least finding joy in branching out with other titles. On Twitter, CouRage described a recent game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as "an absolute blast. 7 hours went by in what felt like minutes." He further encouraged his viewers to check out his stream of the game, even if its not what they'd usually enjoy.

It doesn't seem like Fortnite itself is necessarily in trouble of losing all of its players. Instead, streamers are faced with a rather difficult dilemma: do they continue to endlessly play a game that no longer grabs them, or do they run the risk of alienating fans by doing what they set out to do in the first place, which is play the games that they are actually passionate about?