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Is Fortnite Adding Helicopters?

When Epic Games added boats to Fortnite Chapter 2, the world went nuts. This seemingly simple mechanic totally revolutionized the way you play the game. The latest season makes great use of the vessels, asking you to venture out to islands, yachts, and oil rigs to find rewards, and, of course, trouble. Boats are cool ... but what about helicopters?


Data miners have dug up an interesting discovery: it looks like the next vehicle coming to Fortnite will be a helicopter, allowing players to command land, sea, and sky. It makes sense that helicopters are on the way. The latest updates to the map have added in isolated locations, but also the Grotto: a secret agent hideout complete with a helipad. Maybe this will be one of the spawn locations for these fabled helicopters?

Rumor has it more helipads are incoming and that helicopters will pack around 1500 HP, meaning you can shoot down enemy choppers. You can also ram each other with them, but beware: they will explode upon impact. Data miners like Fortnite News on Twitter claim the files indicate helicopters will function similarly to the planes from Season 7.


Fortnite extraordinaire SypherPK recently noted the increased number of helipads on the Fortnite Season 2 map during a session with Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. This made him wonder if the rumors are true about the upcoming addition of helicopters. "Dude, I'm all for the helicopters," SypherPK said during a stream. "I'm, like, ready for the chaos."

So, are helicopters coming to Fortnite? All signs point to yes, but the truth is that no one will know for sure until Epic Games makes an official announcement. Internet rumors, no matter how sensible they seem, are often proven wrong.