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Are You A Real Or Fake Gamer?

PewDiePie is back with another commentary on a gaming-centric video from Jubilee. This time, a group of gamers have to figure out which among them is a fake. If they manage to suss out the correct person, the remaining gamers split a cash prize. If they lose, the fake gamer gets to keep the whole amount. This is already a fun conceit, but PewDiePie takes the opportunity to lay down some of the elements that he thinks can help people spot the difference between real and fake gamers. Some of these are obviously more jokingly said than others, but it's an interesting topic to dive into with the streamer.


Right off the bat, PewDiePie points out one of the gamers is wearing a goofy shirt, which the YouTuber describes as "unfunny." According to Pewds, you can always recognize a real gamer because of their ridiculous t-shirts, even quipping that he knows a few folks in his audience will have to solemnly agree with him. 

Next, PewDiePie points out how ridiculous all of the gamers' screen names are. He specifically takes one gamer to task for supposedly having the Steam ID "iloveblood3000," saying of the screen name, "If he's not a gamer, he's a ... weirdo." In fact, PewDiePie goes on to say that all of the assembled gamers have pretty bizarre or terrible tags, so that may not be the most reliable method of figuring out who the fake one is among the group.


He does mention that you can understand some people better based on what kinds of games they like. For instance, he jokes that a quick way to tell if someone is a real gamer is to ask them to rank the Souls series; if they put Dark Souls 2 at the top, Pewds says they're clearly full of it. He also points out that Kingdom Hearts fans can't stop talking about their favorite game series, so that's always a good indicator that someone is being honest about their love of games.

But back to the game being played in the original video. In an admittedly frustrating turn of events, the last standing female gamer, Nola, totally figures out who the fake gamer is. After one of the players (the previously mentioned iloveblood3000) reveals that his favorite game of all time is Until Dawn, she begins pressing him for more information on the game. Though he claims to have played it countless times, he is unable to correctly name any of the main characters or even properly describe the main monster of the game. He is voted out during this round, but just barely. Inexplicably, Nola is voted out shortly thereafter, despite being the only member of the group to really press to discover the mole.

PewDiePie has an interesting (if sarcastic) take on why Nola was removed from the game. He says that you can tell the other half of the panel is made up of real gamers because none of them can handle any kind of real direct confrontation. 


This video stands in stark contrast to the last time that Pewds covered a Jubilee video. Last week, he added his commentary to a group exercise in which a number of pro gamers debated various misconceptions and common complaints against the gaming community. In that video, PewDiePie revealed some of his feelings on the topic of misogyny in gaming culture. He did this in his typical joking fashion, but still managed to make some salient points. Needless to say, the subject matter of this week's Jubilee-themed video is much less inherently heavy. Still, one can't help but feel like some of the same topics are being broached after all, considering the dismissal of Nola midway through the game.

PewDiePie seems super frustrated by the lack of a response from the other people in the game, who start doing a T-pose in unison to presumably show how awkward they all feel. As PewDiePie pointedly asks at this moment, "Why aren't they helping her? You all win money, right?"

However, much like in the last Jubilee video from Pewds, some decent points are made in regards to bullying and how there seems to have been a shift in recent years regarding how people view gamers in general. As PewDiePie puts it near the start of this video, "I remember back in my day, when I was young, I couldn't tell people I was a gamer. I would get judged ... 'You play games, you nerd?' That's what it was like ... Now, people are faking being gamers."