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How To Unlock Magic In Nioh 2

There's more to being a shinobi than just swinging a katana. Nioh games give players a chance to wield both weapons and powerful magic. Nioh introduced Guardian Spirits, but Nioh 2 takes a more in depth look at yokai and magic, being something of a prequel. For many players, the hack and slash aspects were dull and played out compared to the flashy spells and magic. If you're more into magic than swords, then look no further: here's how to start slinging spells in Nioh 2.


You'll start Nioh 2 without any skill points. Skill points are awarded after the accumulation of experience points, which are earned by — you guessed it —progressing through the game. Throw yourself into some fights to get better at said fights, as it were. Additionally, the more you use certain weapons or skills, the more proficient you become with them. Practice makes perfect. This allows you to unlock new nodes on respective skill trees.

For Onmyo Magic, you'll need to find Onmyo Mage's Locks. These are literal locks of hair from a mage. Using them will grant you three Onmyo skill points. You can see how many are available in any one location by hitting X on the world map or R1 on a mission. Once you have used them, you can learn a new skill by hitting the touchpad and selecting "learn skill." Take your pick of whatever sounds coolest (a lot of them sound really cool) and then get to a shrine to try it out. This is done by selecting "ready jutsu."


From there, consider assigning your new magic to a button shortcut. The more you use this magic, the more proficient you'll become. Each new proficiency level gives you a new skill point in that category, so it pays to practice, practice, practice.