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How To Tap To Loot In Call Of Duty: Warzone

In battle royale games, every second counts. You never know when the enemy might be creeping up behind you, so it pays to stay vigilant. That said, often shiny new loot can distract and even endanger players as they try to snatch it up before anyone else. The latest title in the battle royale scene, Call of Duty: Warzone, luckily has a hack to make looting less of a vulnerable moment.


As it is now, players on consoles have to hold the interact button (X on PlayStation, A on Xbox) for a few seconds to pick up guns, knives, and other goodies. Three or four seconds might not seem like much, but those moments can feel like an eternity in game — especially if you can hear gunfire nearby. In order to shave off this waiting time, players can instead take advantage of the "tap to loot" option.

All you have to do is go to your options menu, either in the pre-game lobby or in-game (if you can risk it). Then go to the "controller" tab and scroll down to "Weapons." There you'll be able to toggle your use/reload behavior to "contextual tap." As you might surmise, you can now just tap once to pick up items rather than holding. While this doesn't seem like a huge change, one YouTuber did a side-by-side comparison that might convince you to make the switch.


In the video, streamer Scahty is able to empty out a loot box in the same amount of time it originally took him to pick up a single item thanks to the contextual tap setting. Those few moments might give you an edge, especially in the early game. A quick and simple switch to the contextual tap could save your life a time or two.