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Why You Wouldn't Survive Life In Hyrule

The Legend of Zelda fans often find solace in the peaceful, pastoral landscape of Hyrule. The green hills and stunning architecture make it seem like an ideal place to pass the time. Don't let the picturesque scenery fool you, though; entering Hyrule in any real-life capacity would not be a walk in the park. In fact, the chances that you'd survive your jaunt through the land are pretty slim if you're anyone other than Link. Even Link doesn't have the easiest time staying alive in Hyrule.


Between the deceptively docile-looking inhabitants of the kingdom and the elements themselves working against you, many of the dangers you'd encounter wouldn't be immediately obvious. Therein lies the danger of Hyrule — you can take precautions against potentially deadly situations, but nothing will truly prepare you for the unforeseen dangers lurking around every corner.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you wouldn't survive life in Hyrule.

The poultry is deadly

Strolling through Hyrule, you may see a mob of obviously hostile creatures and decide to avoid them. This would be a logical preventative measure to keep yourself safe in an unfamiliar environment. But what about a group of seemingly harmless Cucoos? You wouldn't be alone in thinking that one lone chicken couldn't possibly do anything to hurt you. However, if you decide to use that innocent chicken for target practice, you'll find yourself in a world of hurt.


Cucoos in Hyrule are notoriously protective of their own. If you hurt one of them, they'll all come after you with a vengeance. Granted, you probably shouldn't have hit the chicken in the first place. If you attack one by accident, though, it might be the last mistake you ever make.

A horde of angry Cucoos in Hyrule is an intimidating sight that usually results in Link's death. A good rule of thumb would be to avoid hurting the local poultry at all costs.

The moon isn't exactly your friend

The moon shouldn't be something that causes people grief, but that's exactly what it does to the residents of Hyrule. When Calamity Ganon escapes from Zelda's control within Hyrule Castle, a blood moon appears, and though this phenomenon may be something special to look at, it's not a good sign for unsuspecting travelers. The malice that covers the land from the reflection of the blood moon will raise all fallen enemies that were once slain by Link. This turns the calm fields of Hyrule into a battleground once more.


If you find yourself caught out in the open when the moon first rises into the sky around 10:00 PM, you'll want to prepare and possibly take cover. By 11:30 PM, malice will begin to rise from the ground, starting the dark business of resurrecting all of the enemies who were slain prior to the blood moon cycle. While there is a chance you'll survive the possible slew of enemies as they come back to life, it's not really a chance worth taking if you're anyone other than Link.

The elements want to kill you

Weather delays can get the best of you here on Earth, but when you find yourself in Hyrule, don't expect things to be any easier. In fact, you might find the elements to be even more harsh in Hyrule than what you're used to in your normal day-to-day life. Just like in the real world, the cold can cause damage to you in Hyrule if you don't have the appropriate weather gear to keep you warm. Being aware of the temperature is vital to your ongoing survival.


Rain can also be something of a hazard in Hyrule. Not only can it cause significant delays to your travels, but it makes climbing nearly impossible because of how slippery the rock faces become. If you need to traverse a mountain to get to your desired destination, you'll have to hope it doesn't rain. If it does, you'll be forced to go the long way.

The most troubling bits of weather you'll experience in Hyrule, however, are the crazy lightning storms that will actually threaten your life. When a lightning storm rolls into Hyrule, you'll want to take off all of your metal gear right away to avoid becoming a prime target for lightning strikes. Even with these precautions, it's likely you'll take at least some lightning damage in the intense storms.


Maybe you should just stay inside until the sun comes out again.

Guardians will kill you before you even see them

If the birds, the moon, and the weather don't manage to kill you off in Hyrule, then the Guardians are sure to do the trick. Guardians are ancient machines that were once tasked with protecting the citizens of Hyrule against Calamity Ganon. In more recent times, however, Calamity Ganon has taken control of these imposing machines, forcing them to do his bidding. Approaching a Guardian will spell almost certain death for you.


The unfortunate part about Guardians is that you don't even have to be that close to them to be attacked. In fact, Guardians are notorious for targeting unsuspecting prey from crazy distances. It's possible for you to fall victim to these machines before you even see them. For those who aren't aware of the need to be constantly vigilant, Guardians can end up being the worst kind of surprise — the kind that can zap you dead before you even know what happened.