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Why You Wouldn't Survive Life In Silent Hill

For many gamers, the chance to enter their favorite game world sounds like a dream come true. Running around in Mario's Mushroom Kingdom seems pleasant enough. There are instances, however, where entering a video game location would be more of a nightmarish hellscape than a dream. Fans of the Silent Hill games, for example, likely have no desire to visit the titular town in any real-life capacity. 


Attempting to stay alive in the monster-filled and fog-ridden town of Silent Hill would be no easy feat. Add to this the complicated mirror science the town revolves around, and you've got the perfect recipe for a miserable vacation you probably won't come home from.

If the monsters and the sanity-testing fog don't get you in Silent Hill, a crazy spouse or highly unqualified nurse are sure to finish you off. So, if you're considering taking a leisurely trip to this iconic horror setting, you should reconsider. Here's why you wouldn't survive life in Silent Hill.

The fog is no joke

When most people decide to take a vacation, sunny beaches come to mind. Because of this, Silent Hill probably wouldn't be anyone's first choice for a getaway spot. If, however, you find yourself in Silent Hill by accident, the first thing you're bound to notice is the total lack of sunny beaches. In fact, everything is shrouded in fog. Fog itself may not seem like the most deadly type of weather you could encounter, but spend some time there and you'll soon change your mind.


Besides the fact that the fog in Silent Hill is likely the cause of many car accidents, the long term effects on your mental state won't be positive. Only being able to see a few feet in front of you can do unfortunate things to your perception of reality, and this is only worsened when your reality is actually crashing down around you, as it's likely to do in Silent Hill. 

If the fog doesn't manage to break your mind or your vehicle, it'll surely still lead to your death as it acts as the perfect shroud for all the monsters prowling the street. You won't even know they're close until it's too late.

The mirrors might break your sanity

If you don't already have an irrational fear of mirrors from every horror game you've ever played, a trip to Silent Hill will fix that for you in two seconds flat. Mirrors in the foggy town of Silent Hill are usually covered in grime and aren't great when used for their intended purpose. They do, however, possess some creepy properties that will ruin mirrors for you forever.


When you're not looking over your shoulder for the ghost of Lisa, you'll be trying to figure out exactly what realm you're in. One of the more troublesome features of the mirrors in Silent Hill is that they can transport you from the normal world into the Otherworld. This Otherworld, believe it or not, is actually even worse than the normal Silent Hill. Your surroundings are more dilapidated, the monsters are even more horrifying, and you'll often be tasked with solving puzzles to stay alive. Enjoy trying to hold onto your sanity when you're constantly being pulled between dimensions.

The healthcare system is deadly

If you find yourself in need of immediate medical attention, you may want to go to the next town over (assuming you can make it that far). While Silent Hill may be known for many things, top notch health care is not one of them. In fact, the nurses you'll encounter in Silent Hill are more likely to kill you than cure you. Talk about a poorly run system.


The monsters you'll encounter while journeying through Silent Hill are obviously something to avoid, but any new visitor to the town would be forgiven for mistakenly thinking a hospital would be a safe haven from the madness. This mistake, however, would likely be your last. Not only are the nurses in Silent Hill far from nurturing to the sick and afflicted, they're downright homicidal. Attracted to light and sound, you'll want to make sure you keep quiet if you run into a pack of these terrifying creatures. The second you turn on your flashlight or step on a creaky floorboard, you'll be dead.

The monsters are horrifying

When thinking about why you may not survive a trip to Silent Hill, the monsters are probably the most obvious reason. One encounter with Pyramid Head is sure to finish you off. But Pyramid Head isn't the only threat you'll face. In fact, there are dozens of other equally terrifying creatures who would be more than happy to end your life at a moment's notice. 


From the awful mesh of female bodies that make up Asphyxia, to the full-body skin-bound straitjacket worn by Lying Figure, these enemies will either drive you insane or brutally murder you. Sometimes they'll do both of those things at the same time, just for the sake of efficiency.

As deadly as the enemies in Silent Hill are, the meanings behind these monsters are even more unsettling. Heavy with dark symbolism, each of these creatures are equipped with unique and macabre methods of killing you off in the most thorough ways possible. You'll be hard pressed to find mercy from these encounters in Silent Hill, and even if you think you're prepared for them, you'll probably still end up bleeding out (or worse).