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The Untold Truth Of Ninja's New Duos Partner

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is prepping to prove his prowess in the Fortnite Champion Series hosted by Epic Games. He's not going it alone, either. At his side is another whizkid when it comes to battle royales: Ali "SypherPK" Hassan. The two are pretty similar: both are Fortnite streamers with huge followings. Both players have built up reputations for knowing the game inside and out. 


Truly, together they have a chance at claiming their regional Championship when the finals roll around in late April. You'll have to wait to see how it all shakes out, but, for now, you can learn a little more about Ninja's new Duos partner.

All about Ali

Ali Hassan has been in the YouTube game for almost a decade. He started with RuneScape videos before moving on to Elder Scrolls and Elder Scrolls Online. Eventually, he heard the siren call of competitive play and tried his hand at Overwatch and For Honor. Today, his channel is dominated by Fortnite gameplay videos. SypherPK's channel is known for its tutorials: he walks players of all calibers through tips and tricks. Some of his most popular videos are about how to win or how to get easy kills. 


SypherPK's videos are often populated by content made while streaming. He joined the Twitch scene early on, and has since wracked up 2.8 million followers, securing the honor of being one of the most watched Fortnite streamers out there. He makes his living from his stream, playing Fortnite for 6-8 hours a day. So, while he may not be nearly as popular as Ninja, he can certainly be credited with having a similar dedication to the game they both love.

Neither are big into the competitive scene

With their combined expertise, will Ninja and SypherPK be able to win the Fortnite Champion Series? Maybe. Do they want to? That's also a maybe. SypherPK said that they are going to try their best, but the two don't seem very big into the competitive scene despite their dedication to Fortnite. Neither participate very often in the myriad competitions held regularly. This is likely because, as SypherPK put it, it's more important to focus on creating content. They're content creators, after all. 


Ninja agreed, saying, "Imagine being a content creator and forcing yourself, right, to deal with competitive when you don't have to." So while they will certainly do their best, Ninja and SypherPK don't seem married to the idea of winning it all.

Fans aren't happy

Additionally, fans aren't married to the idea of SypherPK playing with Ninja. There's actually a lot of ire being expressed by SypherPK's own following about this new partnership. In spite of his huge fanbase, there are many people who dislike Ninja. In this case, most are pointing out his tendency to get demanding, and even toxic while playing. The man is determined to get that victory royale, even if it costs him some points with his friends. 


Ninja and his former Duos partner, Malachi "Reverse2k" Greiner, split after a bit of banter touched a raw nerve. Reverse2K claimed he was joking when he disparagingly mentioned Ninja's move to the Mixer platform, but Ninja took it personally and demanded an apology.

When SypherPK posted an announcement video about his new partnership with Ninja, fans expressed their beef with Ninja in the comments. The complaints chiefly center around the fact that SypherPK has a very positive personality. He doesn't rage quit or get too serious. Fans thinks this is going to change thanks to Ninja's influence. "Sypher become's [sic] a completely new person when he plays with ninja: toxic, rage and more open," reads one such comment. 


You”ll have to wait and see how this new partnership pans out. For now, Ninja and SypherPK are practicing for the Fortnite Champions Series together on stream nearly everyday, so fans can get a taste of how they work together there.