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How To Unlock Infinite Extra Lives In Doom Eternal

Depending on what difficulty you decide to play on, Doom Eternal can be an unforgiving game. The new Nightmare mode is, as you might've guessed, nightmarishly hard. Thanks to the gruesome hordes of demons that will eviscerate you over and over again, you'll find yourself with a serious sense of deja vu. Dying isn't the end, since you can save yourself and one measly HP with a saving throw, but going on from there is a punishing experience. Wouldn't it be nice to have infinite extra lives?


Worry not about the eternal embrace of death, Doom Slayer. There is, indeed, a way to gain infinite lives. You just need a single cheat code.

Where to find the cheat code

In the very first level, "Hell on Earth," you must delve deep into the remains of a subway. Climb through the broken train and walk all the way to the end for the Codex entry. From there, a door on your right will present a few ugly obstacles in the form of tentacles and zombies. Easy enough to handle for a certified Doom Slayer. After the second tentacle, keep going down the hallway, keeping an eye on the right side. Then you'll spot a cube which you'll need to hop up onto.


From there, you'll find a half-cracked vent that needs a good punch. Once that's taken care of, you'll see the glowing yellow question mark at the end of the hallway. You've discovered a secret! Cue the confetti, which will literally fly out of nowhere as you pick up a floppy disk. This is the infinite lives cheat code, ready to be used at your leisure.

You don't have to type anything in or do any Konami code-style hacks. These cheat codes are embedded into the game as a call back to the days of old school gaming, hence the floppy disk. Enjoy your unending lives!