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How To Play The Stalk Market In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons mimics reality in many ways. While you probably don't have animal neighbors, you might have a house payment, some debt, and a cozy but well-decorated house. You might also have some interest in the stock market. Animal Crossing allows you to stretch your inner Wall Street bigshot via the stalk market.


Yes, you read that right. The aptly named stalk market is all about turnips. Every Sunday, the lovely Daisy Mae can be found wandering on the island. She's a snotty-nosed but somehow adorable pig with a basket of turnips on her head. The first time you encounter her she'll give you the rundown on the Sow Joan's stalk market. Very funny, we know.

Daisy Mae will sell you turnips in batches of ten. You can't really do anything with these turnips other than sell them, so don't try to plant a vegetable garden. Tommy and Timmy down at Nook's Cranny will buy these turnips from you, but the worth of the turnips varies. The turnips have an 8 a.m. price and a noon price. You have to make the gamble and decide when to sell the turnips so you get the most bells for your efforts.


You have all week to do so. Turnips will spoil after sitting for a week in your inventory (you're unable to put them in storage where you might forget about them), so you'll have to sell before the end of Saturday. 

To master the stalk market, consider getting in contact with your friends. Check in with them to see how much the Nook boys are willing to pay for turnips that day. You're free to sell your turnips on other islands, so find which store is offering the highest price. 

Another way to make sure you're getting the best deal is checking in on Twitter, where many players have invited others to take advantage of their store's high turnip prices. Still another strategy is checking out this infographic and seeing if your island follows one of these observable patterns. In past Animal Crossing titles, players were able to track exactly when turnip prices would be highest thanks to four patterns of prices that repeatedly appeared in-game.

It's totally up to you if the Sow Joan's stalk market is worth your time and effort, but consider chatting with cute little Daisy Mae when she pays your island a visit each Sunday.