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How To Unlock Famine Mode In Doom Eternal

For those Doom Eternal fans who love the gory game but wish it was even more difficult than it already is, you're in luck. Within the walls of your own private Hell, there exists the Famine Mode cheat. This cheat will prevent enemies from dropping any armor or health when they die, which means players will have to rely solely on what they find lying about to keep their health and armor up.


In a game that's already difficult without any added disadvantage, this may seem like an odd "cheat" to enable, however, many gamers like the challenge it presents. Here's how to unlock Famine Mode in Doom Eternal.

Where to find the Famine Mode cheat

To unlock the different cheats in Doom Eternal, you'll need to find the corresponding floppy disc. The disc for Famine Mode is found in Nekravol – Part 1. Chronologically, this is the 10th mission in Doom Eternal, so it'll take you some time to get there.


Once the Nekravol mission has started, battle through to the large room just before the combat arena. In this room you'll see a spinning wall of spikes, metal cages transporting human remains, and two, as Wheatley would describe them, "mashy spike plates." While facing the double doors to the combat arena, head to the left corner and climb the wall towards the green light shining in a small alcove near the ceiling. Activate the skull switch in that room, which will stop the green chains near the arena doors, then head back across the main room to the "mashy spike plates" and dodge beneath them to the next room.

Straight ahead of you in the room you just entered, you'll see metal cages transporting human remains up out of the floor. Wait for one of these transports to pass, then jump down onto the next one. You'll need to be careful with your timing on this bit. If you jump too late, you'll miss your opportunity to dash into the room directly below the one you were just standing in.


Once in this room, the Famine Mode disc will be right there in the open for you to claim. From there, you can simply ride the body cages back up to the previous room to continue the level. Good luck!