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How To Beat The Marauder In Doom Eternal

There's a reason why Marauders bear a passing resemblance to Quake's Death Knights. These demons are deadly, former Sentinels who decided to side with the legions swarming the earth. As a result, taking them down is a little more personal for the Doom Slayer. 


Marauders are also standout enemies due to how incredibly difficult they are to fight, and the boss waiting at the end of mission six in Doom Eternal is no exception. Here's what you need to know to give yourself the edge in the harrowing battle ahead of you.

The frustrating thing about the Marauder in the Arc Complex is that it can both attack and defend. It carries a shield to block your attacks and swings a hellish axe. Oh, it also has a shotgun in case you get too close. You'll want to favor mid-range attacks: keep away, but not too far away.

The Marauder also summons an orange hound for you to deal with. While this doge can certainly take a bite out of you, it mostly serves as a distraction. Take it out as soon as possible and refocus your attacks on the true danger. It's going to take a lot of damage to slay this thing. To wreak the most havoc possible, you'll need to find the perfect moment to attack.


Thankfully, this boss has a tell: its eyes will glow green before it attacks. When you see a flash of green, don't hesitate to pounce. Try to deal the most damage possible in this short window. Hit it with the Super Shotgun and then follow up with sticky bombs or grenades for maximum effect. Bring on the hurt! If you do this enough, you'll eventually be able to stagger the Marauder. This is your cue to dash in with a Glory Kill. 

Before your big fight, consider picking up the Infinite Ammo cheat. It will serve you well during your encounter with this considerable foe.