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How To Unlock Infinite Onslaught In Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal allows players to step into the boots of the Doom Slayer and unleash some hell on the legions of, well, Hell. In the game, players switch between weapons to deal the most damage to the hordes of demons coming after them. There are certain power ups, like Onslaught mode, that allows these attacks to pack even more punch, regardless of which weapon the player decides to wield. 


If dealing quadruple the usual amount of damage sounds tempting to you, then you'll want to locate the Infinite Onslaught cheat. This cheat code embedded into the game makes it so  you can permanently place yourself in this mode, rather than rationing power ups. Pair this with the BFG and the demons won't stand a chance.

Locating the cheat code

Locating the floppy disk that contains this cheat code is fairly easy. To get to the Mars Core, the Doom Slayer must use some unconventional methods. In a cutscene, you watch as he kicks aside the standard ammo used for the Ion Catapult and instead places himself into the launcher. Yes, he launches himself out of a cannon.


Immediately following this cutscene, you'll find yourself on the Mars Core faced with some ugly enemies. After you've eliminated your attackers, proceed to the room filled with tentacles. Feel free to ignore them and speed through the doorway on the right. In that room, you'll find a hole in the floor. Right beside that hole is a glowing yellow question mark. You can't miss it.

Congratulations! You're the proud new owner of the Infinite Onslaught cheat.