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How To Survive Nemesis In Resident Evil 3 Remake

If you thought Mr. X was a tricky enemy, then wait until you meet his uglier brother. While Resident Evil 2's big bad Tyrant had style and an almost-human face, Resident Evil 3 Remake's Nemesis is easily one of the most hideous creatures ever conceived by Capcom. The true horror of Tyrants isn't their looks, however; it's their programming. This is what makes them so hard to survive encounters with, and even harder to kill.

The key to walking away from a run-in with a Tyrant is to move fast, hit hard, and escape quickly. Until you have appropriate (read: ridiculously powerful) weapons on your side, you can't even dream of taking down these mutated tanks. They were created to hunt humans, and this mission is the lone thing that drives the dastardly Nemesis.

What is Nemesis?

Nemesis, unlike Mr. X, is something of an experiment. Mr. X is a T-103 model Tyrant, meaning he has several clones. Resident Evil 3's Nemesis, though one of many Nemesis-T Types, is the only one of its kind  known to have seen combat. Think of it as Mr. X on parasitic steroids. Gross, right? 

The Umbrella Corporation developed these monsters alongside the devastating T-virus, intending to use the mutants as bioweapons. They have the ability to follow complex orders, making them less zombie-like. They have a surprisingly sharp intelligence and are frighteningly determined to carry out their missions. 

The Nemesis that Jill Valentine faces down in the Resident Evil 3 remake has been ordered to destroy any and all S.T.A.R.S. officers to keep Umbrella's involvement with Raccoon City's zombification a secret. While Nemesis might destroy some poor souls in the way of his dogged pursuit of Jill, she's his primary target. Therefore, players should expect to see a lot of Nemesis' ugly mug during their playthrough of the short, but sweet Resident Evil 3 Remake. The game was originally named after the Tyrant, after all.

How to survive Nemesis

Now that you know why this thing is after you, here are a few strategies for surviving Nemesis when he inevitably finds you. You always have the option of running away, but, like Mr. X before him, Nemesis is clever. The enemy AI won't be confused or befuddled by obstacles and makes predictions as to where you might be running to. Therefore, relying on speed isn't really your best bet. Besides, fighting this monster actually has some benefits. 

If you do choose to fight Nemesis, then you'll want to save your bullets. Tyrants work as bullet sponges and are relatively unaffected by basic attacks. Instead, your best bet is to try hand grenades and other explosives. These have an increased chance of bringing Nemesis to his knees. In this downed state, Nemesis will stop to catch his breath for about thirty seconds, giving players a window to either escape or pick up the Umbrella-branded items he drops while stunned. 

These Umbrella Supply Boxes contain weapon upgrades and ammo crucial for surviving all the other zombies out for Valentine's blood. If you're feeling like you no longer pack a punch, then consider allowing Nemesis to get close enough to attack with your choice of explosive. Then get the gear, and get out quick: Nemesis will always lumber back to his feet.

How to finally defeat Nemesis

Technically, Nemesis is unkillable for the majority of the game. While he lurks around from the start repeating his signature line, Nemesis is actually the final boss of Resident Evil 3 Remake. Jill will be forced to face him down in a number of fights, but they both manage to walk away each time. That is, until you draw near the eleventh hour of the game.

Raccoon City is slated to become Mushroom Cloud City. The government has approved a nuclear bomb to clean up Umbrella's slobbering, bloodthirsty zombie mess. Therefore, Jill and newfound friend Carlos need to get out as soon as possible. 

Standing in their way is the ugliest edition of Nemesis yet. This seething mass of angry flesh and pustules can only be defeated with the Ferromagnetic Infantry-use Next Generation Railgun. That's the FINGeR for the average Jill. Giving Nemesis the FINGeR will stun him for a bit, leaving Jill open to pop some pink pustules that will further weaken the monster. 

And the rest is history. Like its predecessor, Resident Evil 3 Remake saves the best weapon for last, and for exclusive use on that unforgiving Tyrant that has given you so much trouble.