Arkade Blaster - What We Know So Far

Remember the Duck Hunt gun? That orange and gray hunk of plastic has been resurrected and given a significant makeover. The folks at the aptly named Arkade, inc. have devised a new way to play first-person shooters. Compatible with most PC and mobile titles, the Arkade Blaster blasts its predecessor out of the water, promising an immersive, motion-based experience never seen before. 


This new motion controller is shaped like a cyberpunk-esque gun, complete with a mount for your mobile device. The Arkade Blaster supports 360° or 180° gameplay, putting players directly into shoot-or-be-shot situations. The absolutely bonkers trailer demonstrating its power convinced over 1,200 backers on Indiegogo to throw more than $100,000 at the project, soaring past the initial $50,000 goal.

For those who can't wait to experience this new stage in gaming accessories, here's everything you need to know about the Arkade Blaster's release date, price, compatible games, and most high-profile supporter.

When will the Arkade Blaster release?

The Arkade Blaster isn't some far-off fantasy. Unlike some Indiegogo or Kickerstarter campaigns, the Blaster has already been developed. The funding, rather, is going into production. Arkade has executed its vision, now the founders are asking for the cash needed to put their creation into the hands of gamers. 


The Arkade Blaster has entered production with an estimated ship window of June 2020. In a FAQ on the Indiegogo campaign, Arkade assures players the facilities are up and running, unaffected by the coronavirus outbreak. Shipping on a first-come, first-serve basis, the Arkade Blasters will soon be in the hands of gamers everywhere.

How much is the Arkade Blaster?

Convinced the Arkade Blaster is the next big thing? Feel free to jump on the Indiegogo campaign to claim your very own Blaster. As of the time of this writing, the blue-and-black base model is $99, a 34% percent price cut from the usual $150 price tag. There are two other skins:  a limited edition Doom-inspired Demonic Blaster and the wildly popular PewDiePie Blaster designed by the YouTube sensation himself.


Arkade is also offering bundle deals for individuals or esports teams that would like to purchase multiple blasters. You can snag three for $295 (34% off) or 5 for $425 (43% off). Looking for a more luxe model? Arkade is giving away golden blasters to the ten individuals who bring in the most referrals for the Indiegogo campaign.

What does PewDiePie have to do with all this?

Why is there a PewDiePie Blaster? Because PewDiePie is an Arkade supporter. He believes in the Blaster's potential, which is perhaps why he's featured in the trailer. He demonstrates the capabilities of his black-and-red, signature Blaster in games like Modern Combat 5 and even Fortnite. Yes, the very same Fortnite he professes to hate. That's just how much he loves the Arkade Blaster. 


In turn, Arkade has credited PewDiePie as the driving force behind its success, saying that without his input and encouragement, the project wouldn't have been possible. Apparently the YouTuber's endorsement led to widespread advertisement of the product, which is, in Pewds' words, "like Guitar Hero, except you kill people ..."

What games can you play with the Arkade Blaster?

While you can't play Guitar Hero with the Arkade Blaster, there are plenty of other games that this controller supports, namely anything involving a gun. Formatted especially for shooters, the Blaster is compatible with titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, Fortnite, Destiny 2, Rainbow Six, and even Minecraft. To each their own. This is by no means an exhaustive list, either. Arkade boasts that most PC and mobile FPS titles are playable with the Blaster. 


Want to see it in action? A few titles like Modern Combat 5 and Shadowgun War Games partnered with Arkade. In turn, PewDiePie himself made gameplay videos showing off how the Blaster works with these games.