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FaZe Clan Members Suffer Scary Home Invasion

There's a whole lot going on in the world right now. You're probably well aware of the coronavirus situation — in fact, you're likely holed up at home riding it out. A large portion of our planet's population is under a "stay at home" order, which has allowed some locales to announce a decrease in crime. Not all crime is gone, however, as a few gamers in FaZe Clan learned.


Devin and Kieran Agony are the gaming duo known as FaZe Agony, and the two went through a pretty scary situation in the early morning hours of Friday, April 10. According to the FaZe Agony Twitter account, armed intruders broke into a home shared by Devin and Kieran, forcing the two brothers to take cover and wait for help to arrive.

"Please pray for me and my brother and my roomate," Devon wrote on Twitter. "people just broke in our house and tried to breakdown my bedroom door then i heard a gunshot. Im locked in my gaming room and cops are here. Please pray that kieran is okay :( cops are about to clear the house now."

This event was undoubtedly a frightening one. Fortunately, Devon posted an update later to let everyone know that both he and his brother were okay, and that law enforcement was on the scene to make sure the intruders were gone.


"he is okay. the cops are in the house," Devon said. "there is a shotgun shell on the stairs case."

As of now, there's no word on who may have been behind the break-in, or what the motivation might have been for someone to assault the home of two content creators from the gaming community. Was this a random act? Were these people who took issue with Devon and Kieran specifically? If police are able to track the criminals down, an investigation might shed more light on why this happened.

As it stands, both Devon and Kieran Agony appear to be safe and sound. It's unsettling that crimes like this can make home feel just as dangerous as the world outside. But it's good to know this particular incident ended with nothing more than a scare for the two FaZe brothers.

This is far from the first time content creators have been the victims of break-ins or attempted acts of violence. Due to the popularity some YouTubers and streamers have, it sometimes seems they are targeted simply for who they are.

You might recall that Dr Disrespect had a scary situation of his own a few years back. The streamer was broadcasting as he normally does, playing a game while chatting away with fans. He abruptly stepped away from the camera, though, before returning a short time later to let everyone know what had just happened.


"Someone shot at our house," the Doc said. Yes, someone shot a gun at the man's house, breaking a window in the process.

Those who follow Rooster Teeth undoubtedly heard about the frightening night Gavin Free and Meg Turney had in early 2018. On the morning of Jan. 26, a lone gunman entered the couple's home, reportedly with the intent of killing Free. Both Free and Turney hid in a closet while waiting for help to arrive. When law enforcement made it to the scene, it was discovered the gunman had taken his own life.

The situation experienced by Gavin Free and Meg Turney was fairly similar to the one Devon and Kieran Agony faced down late last week. In both cases, fortunately, the victims of the intrusions escaped without harm.

And then there are, of course, the countless incidents of swatting that have been reported these past few years. Swatting is an extremely dangerous prank where someone calls police and reports a break-in or hostage situation at a home. Police are forced to respond, and because law enforcement is preparing to encounter someone with a weapon, simply answering the door can put a person's life in danger.

A host of streamers have been the victims of swatting. While most situations are deescalated quickly — meaning no physical harm comes to those who have the police show up at their door — the experience can still be a frightening and traumatizing one.


It's good to hear the FaZe Agony brothers are okay now, though this is likely an event neither will be able to forget. Hopefully similar stories don't surface in the weeks and potentially months to come. Going outside can seem scary enough at the moment. You shouldn't have to fear staying at home, too.