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Expert Tips Overwatch Doesn't Tell You About Echo

Echo, Overwatch's newest hero, is live on the public test server. Her announcement spawned some controversy, with many players claiming her abilities are, to put it mildly, overpowered. A special omnic, Echo possesses a "game-changing" ultimate: she can transform herself into any enemy player and wield their powers against them.


Her ultimate does not, however, guarantee victory. Players have found Echo can be a little tricky, and that having a good understanding of her kit is key. Mastering Echo takes more than just a cursory glance at her Wiki page. Here are some expert tips that will give you an edge when playing as Overwatch's latest Damage hero.

Master your mobility

Like Mercy, Echo has a passive that allows her to glide rather than walk. Her flight ability can give her a boost, too. It's imperative that players use these abilities to gain the high ground. Finding a roost where you can bombard the enemy team with sticky bombs will apply some serious pressure. Basically, Echo players would do well to never stay still. 


Even indoors and in close quarters, players should still prioritize gliding over walking. And don't forget that this mobility works backwards as well. Expert players are already showing off assassination techniques in which Echo glides into rooms and then out, firing Sticky Bombs or Focusing Beams the whole time. Consider saving that Focusing Beam for after the enemy is below half health: the beam will then deal even more damage.

Utilize Echo's ultimate for maximum damage output

Echo deals the most damage with her ultimate, naturally. When choosing which enemy to transform into, don't waste your time with heroes that you don't have experience with. The quicker you can utilize your new, stolen abilities, the better. Echo can currently pop off several ultimates depending on the hero and situation. Some players have reported being able to use Tracer's Pulse Bomb seven times.


Choose heroes that will provide the type of damage and skills you need for each scenario. Many players are favoring Doomfist for his ability to swoop in with a Meteor Strike. The idea is to appear out of nowhere with Echo's flight ability and then transform into another hero and wreak as much havoc as possible.

Teamwork makes the dream work

A good tip for any player is to strategize and coordinate with your team. This goes double for Echo because of the way she can help the team take down even the toughest of shields. Reinhardts and Orisas don't stand a chance when an Echo and her team are working together. 


Remember that Echo's Focusing Beam does more damage to targets with HP that has dropped below 50%. As Echo, you should try to use your insane mobility to get behind shields and attack the enemy while the rest of your team targets the front. This intense pressure should crack even the most healthy heroes.