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Easter Eggs You Missed In Doom Eternal

id Software does not shy away from inside jokes and Easter eggs in its games. This has never been more evident than in its newest title, Doom Eternal. The developers have filled the latest installment in the Doom franchise with Easter eggs for clever players to find. While the Fortress of Doom houses the bulk of these references, you can find others littered throughout the game. You just have to know where to look.


The Doom Eternal creators paid homage to everything from video games they admire to pop culture juggernauts. They even managed to sneak the names of their QA team and a photo of the Creative Director into the mix. Because there are so many Easter eggs in the game, you'd be forgiven for missing a few here and there. Here are some of the Easter eggs that likely escaped your notice in Doom Eternal.

The QA team got a special shout out

It takes a huge team of talented creators to forge a successful video game. This is especially true of modern games, many of which play more like interactive movies. Because of this, it's nice when developers give a shout out to the people most gamers don't think about when playing their favorite title. This is exactly what id Software did for its QA team.


A good QA team is crucial for a game like Doom Eternal that has so much going on in each level. The complicated mechanics, detailed set pieces, and physics all rely on a group that can locate and communicate problems to the development team. Because of the top notch job the id Software QA team did on Doom Eternal, it received a shout out. 

You can find a display in Doom Eternal with the heading "Quality Excellence Award." The developers have listed the names of the QA team on this display, granting them eternal glory within the very game they helped bring to fruition.

You can play Doom and Doom 2 in The Fortress of Doom

Fans of Doom Eternal have probably spent a lot of time in the Fortress of Doom trying to find all the hidden secrets and references. One of the more obvious mysteries gamers will come across is an old computer on Doomguy's desk. This piece of machinery sits in stark contrast to the fancy gaming equipment in the same room. So, what is the old computer for?


Believe it or not, you can actually play Doom and Doom 2 in their entirety while playing Doom Eternal. To unlock Doom on the old computer, you'll need to find all 14 cheat codes, which appear in the form of floppy discs scattered throughout the game. Luckily, Doom 2 is much easier to access. To unlock Doom 2, you simply have to access the old computer and type in the password "FLYNNTAGGART", which is the name given to Doomguy in the Doom novels.

The Terminator 2 reference is back

Some Easter eggs found in Doom Eternal have carried over from previous Doom games. For example, the Terminator 2 reference players can discover in Doom Eternal also appeared in the 2016 Doom reboot. This Easter egg was such a fan favorite id Software decided to resurrect it for the new installment.


To access this Easter egg, players will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. If you die by burning to death in one of the numerous lava pools in Doom Eternal, you'll be rewarded with a reenactment of a famous scene from the 1991 movie Terminator 2. As your character sinks into the lava, the camera will switch angles and give you a prime view of your avatar's final thumbs up. Since you have to die to see this Easter egg, it's something of a bittersweet moment.

Daisy the rabbit lives on

Daisy the rabbit has appeared throughout the Doom fandom. She made her first debut in Episode 3 of the first game in the series, during which you can see the rabbit's head on a pike, a victim of the hellspawn thathave come to earth. In Episode 4, you learn the rabbit's name is Daisy, and that she was Doomguy's beloved pet. Daisy has become a favorite character among Doom fans, playing a similar role in the lore as John Wick's dog. You don't mess with a Space Marine's pet rabbit.


You can find Daisy in various levels throughout Doom Eternal, though she's difficult to spot. Most of the time, you can only catch glimpses of her from a distance. Luckily, this is not the only appearance she makes in the game. In the lower levels of the Fortress of Doom, a majestic painting of Doomguy and Daisy hangs in Doomguy's room. This masterpiece, which depicts a loving moment of companionship between Doomguy and Daisy, is actually a real piece of fan art created by artist Ian Nielsen.

The Soul Cube makes a nice paperweight

Doom 3 has long been a subject of debate among fans of the series. While Doom and Doom 2 seem to be unanimous favorites, Doom 3 doesn't get quite as much love. It's not that Doom 3 is a bad game; most players simply found the third installment a bit repetitive compared to the first two titles. Despite this lesser status, a Doom 3 reference still found its way into Doom Eternal.


On Doomguy's desk in the Fortress of Doom, you can find a familiar Doom 3 weapon: the Soul Cube. This artifact is something of a legend in Doom lore because of its power level. Though Doom 3 isn't usually picked as a favorite in the franchise, gamers have the title to thank for one of the most coveted weapons in the series. Unfortunately, this Easter egg is nothing more than a nod to its game of origin. You can't actually wield the Soul Cube, but are limited to admiring it and reminiscing about your Doom 3 experience.

Markiplier's dad is forever immortalized

YouTube content creator Markiplier is known for his high-energy gameplay videos and witty commentary. It's not often the comedic gamer takes on a somber tone and opens up in front of his audience, but one Easter egg in Doom Eternal prompted him to do just that.


The bookshelf in the Fortress of Doom is packed with references to other video games, pop culture, and satirical fiction, but one book in particular caught the eye of Markiplier. You'll notice a bright red tome titled "How to Comb Your Mustache" on display with the author listed as "Cliffton M. Fischbach." This is actually the name of Markiplier's late father.

After finding the Easter egg in-game, Markiplier told fans about how his father played a big role in his love for the Doom series and how the developers promised to put an Easter egg in Doom Eternal for him. The late Mr. Fischbach also had a mustache of the highest caliber, hence the title of the book. When an Easter egg can be both funny and heartfelt, you know the developers have done their jobs right.


Commander Keen is everywhere

Gamers who have been fans of id Software since its inception are probably familiar with the Commander Keen video games. These titles follow the adventures of Billy Blaze, aka Commander Keen, an eight-year-old genius who uses his tech savvy to defend earth from the aliens that threaten to destroy it. 


Commander Keen is connected to the Doom universe in some very significant ways. Doomguy is actually a descendant of Commander Keen. Because of this, it only makes sense that developers would put some Commander Keen references in Doom Eternal.

In the Fortress of Doom, Commander Keen's helmet, gun, and skull can be seen on top of the bookshelf. This isn't the only place a reference to Keen can be found. Throughout Doom Eternal, you can locate various records. One of these records bears the title "Shadows Don't Scare Commander Keen." Apparently aliens and impending doom weren't the only things the eight-year-old genius wasn't scared of.

The nightmarish Dopefish

The developers at id Software clearly don't want fans to forget about the Commander Keen games as they put several references to the series in Doom Eternal. Along with the vinyl record and memorabilia found in the Fortress of Doom, another Easter egg exists to haunt the dreams of anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon it. Luckily, the impact of this nightmare-fuel is somewhat atoned for by the fact you can receive an extra life for your troubles.


The Dopefish is an enemy that first appeared in the game Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy!. What started as a joke between developers ended up being one of the most-loved enemies of the franchise. The Dopefish lives up to its name with it's large bulbous eyes and buck teeth. Players can stumble across it in several areas throughout Doom Eternal, but as comical as the original fish looked, the one found in Doom Eternal is absolutely horrifying. The realism of the large teeth and eyes are the most unsettling aspects, but somehow the 3D rendering makes the once goofy figure a true terror.

Creative director Hugo Martin is on the merchandise

Doom Eternal wouldn't be a proper id Software game if a team member didn't sneak one of their superiors into it. In this case, creative director Hugo Martin is the latest victim. You can find Martin's likeness during Mission 6. If you take some time out of your busy monster slaying schedule to pop by the convenience store, you can find packages of Gulami's Dried Meat Pieces. On the front of the package is a smiling picture of Martin himself.


While giving IGN a look around the Fortress of Doom before the game's release, Martin divulged some background information on how he became the face of Gulami's Dried Meat Pieces. Apparently, some of the developers on the creative team decided to make up a fictional pizza chain in the Doom universe. This chain would, of course, need someone to run it. This is where Martin comes in. A concept artist worked up an idea where Martin was the head and owner of Gulami's, and once this was established, the rest of the pieces simply fell into place.

One bookshelf to rule them all

It's well-established that the Fortress of Doom is where all the big Easter eggs are. This man cave is home to a bookshelf with some particularly interesting reads. Though it would be difficult to document each and every Easter egg at play, the references to other video games are sure to stand out to players.


On the shelves, you'll find "Vault Dweller's Survival Guide" and sometimes a Nuka-Cola book, both nods to the massively popular Fallout games. Valve also gets a shout out to it's Half-Life franchise with the volume "Mesa Science Monthly: Predicting Unforeseen Consequences." Duke Nukem gets a tongue-in-cheek reference with "Why I'm So Great Pt. II by Dork Norkem", while Quake receives the more serious "The STROGG: A Transdimensional Field Study." 

The book "2 Prey or not 2 Prey" has spawned a fair amount of speculation. Though it hasn't been confirmed, some fans believe this could possibly be a hint that Arkane Studio's Prey might get a sequel soon.

The Unmaker returns

Fans of Doom 64 may remember an elusive weapon that was tricky to obtain but well worth the effort: the Unmaker. It was often sought after in Doom 64 because of just how powerful it was. To find it in the original game, you needed to play through the secret levels. You could also upgrade the weapon by obtaining Demon Keys.


In Doom Eternal, the newly branded "Unmaykr" can be unlocked by collecting Empyrian Keys. The problem is that these keys are fairly difficult to obtain. To get them, you will need to complete each of the Slayer Gates. Developers must have wanted to make sure players really worked hard to get the Unmaykr since completing these challenges can prove impossible for some. The worst part is that you can't access Slayer Gates with any cheat codes active, so the only way to get the weapon is through pure skill.

Rick and Morty have infiltrated Doom

Of all of the TV shows with a strong cult following, Rick and Morty seems to be the one that can weasel its way into almost any medium. Popping up in shows like Gravity Falls, Community, and Family Guy, was just the beginning, it seems. Rick and Morty has proved that it now has the power to transcend formats and infiltrate video games.


In the shops in Doom Eternal, you will find an assortment of treats that can be linked to pop culture, but one that stands is a Rick and Morty-themed candy. Resembling M&M's, packages of "Lil' Bits" can be found with the tagline "Really Tiny Candy." Lil' Bits appears to be a reference to the Lil' Bits restaurant in Rick and Morty where people with small mouths are invited to eat normal food in tiny portions. A fleeting moment from the show, it seems like the developers would have to be die hard fans to slip this into Doom Eternal.