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Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods Every Marvel Fan Should Play

There's already plenty to do on the mean streets of Los Santos, but Grand Theft Auto 5 modders have made it so that just about anything is possible. You want to fly? There's a mod for that. Want super strength? There's a mod for that, too. Want to swing from building to building on a web? Weird, but sure — a mod can make that happen.


Fans have taken it upon themselves to put a dash of Marvel magic into the GTA universe, creating mods that allow players to become their favorite superheroes. Despite the fact that crime is usually encouraged in GTA, you can play as one of a few famous crime stoppers thanks to these mods.

Sling webs like Spider-Man

You can ditch the mild manners and decide to terrorize your neighborhood as Spider-Man thanks to this mod. Players don the suit seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home and are then gifted with super speed, acrobatics, and web-slinging abilities. No more driving around in stolen cars; Spider-Man can swing from building to building.


Are some Los Santos locals giving you trouble? No problem — simply attach them to a wall with a web and they won't bother you. This mod is pretty impressive when it comes to web-slinging. Spider-Man can target just about anything and then throw a surprisingly strong web onto it. He can then use this to either throw himself at the target or attach the target to something else. Yes, you can rodeo rope together cars. Causing chaos is what these mods are all about.

Fly around in the Iron Man suit

Okay, we all know it would be pretty cool to have an Iron Man-style suit, but wouldn't it also be amazing to live the life of Tony Stark, billionaire genius playboy philanthropist? This mod installs Stark Tower right in the center of downtown Los Santos and you, dear player, have the keys to the castle. From there, you can put on the iron armor, activate an impressive heads-up display, and zip around the city.


The suit comes with the typical perks: pulse beams, the power of flight, and super strength. Feel free to punch a helicopter or two — you'll be surprised with the results! Tossing around tanks is as easy as pie when you have a super-powered suit on, too. Just don't let the power go to your head.

Smash like The Incredible Hulk

Ever felt like unleashing your inner mean, green fighting machine? You might find catharsis in running around Los Santos as The Incredible Hulk, smashing anything and everything in your way. This mod gives you the immeasurable strength of Bruce Banner's alter ego, and it can be used in surprising ways.


You have the ability to punch just about anything into smithereens, for instance, and can create shockwaves with a clap of your hands. You can also run ridiculously fast — like a freight train that cars just glance off of. What's more is that the Hulk can jump incredibly high and then come back down like an asteroid strike. Los Santos doesn't stand a chance.