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Twitter Reacts To GTA Online's Alien War

Aliens are no strangers to the GTA universe, but something very peculiar is happening in Grand Theft Auto Online involving extraterrestrial life. According to Polygon, it all began last year when a group of players began wearing green alien suits to spread a little havoc. These folks picked fights with other players and NPCs alike.


However, the silliness has expanded in some unexpected ways. There is now a rival faction of purple alien-suited players. It has been reported that as many as 14.2 million players have pledged allegiance to the green team, while the purple aliens boast an impressive 7.2 million devotees. It's almost like Los Santos is dealing with a legitimate alien invasion.

As Polygon points out, it's no surprise that these alien-centric shenanigans are taking off in a big way, particularly considering the fact that the Pentagon recently released actual freaking UFO footage.  Of course, most fans are enjoying this ridiculousness, which has injected a surprising new life and unpredictability into Grand Theft Auto Online.


Some players seem to be enjoying just stepping back and taking in the chaos. One fan on Reddit shared a video of a group of aliens waiting outside of a Ponsonby's clothing shop for a player to exit. The second the player leaves the shop, they jump him and beat him with a hammer. Then, like a psychotic version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the green alien gang hops in their matching green utility van and take off. While the aliens are still participating in shenanigans like this, the rise of the purple alien gang is beginning to take up a good deal of their time. Normal Grand Theft Auto Online players have found themselves caught in the middle of an intergalactic war.

Another player shared a video of them driving around time in their green alien costume, minding their own crazy business. Suddenly, a group of purple aliens pull up in a truck behind them and a rumble ensues. It all looks like the sci-fi equivalent of the Sharks vs. the Jets in West Side Story.

Fan reaction is rather divided on Twitter when it comes to these alien menaces. One user posted a clip of their character getting rammed by purple aliens in a car. The aliens get out and begin swarming him as he attempts to pick them off with a gun. He seemed completely bewildered, writing,"put on gta for the first time in like 2 years.... is this what people are doing now? ... gang of aliens just jumped [me] out of nowhere."


Another fan appeared to genuinely love the alien vs. alien action. This person shared a clip of a massive brawl between the two factions, tweeting, "The ongoing green vs purple alien gang war in GTA is probably the best content on the internet rn."

Some of the aliens have seemingly weighed in on the conflict. One player tweeted that dressing up as a green alien and taking the fight to the purple aliens was "one of the best things" about Grand Theft Auto Online right now.

However, not all gamers are enjoying the phenomenon. For instance, a player tweeted that green alien players needed to "grow tf up." Presumably, this is one of the aliens' many victims. Other players felt that there needed to be more set rules in the alien conflict, like outlawing guns from green vs. purple fights.

Meanwhile, some players have expressed a reluctance to play the game as long as the aliens are still going strong. One tweet read, "I'm scared to play GTA. A couple days ago I saw the alien gang and I haven't played since then."

Some players have taken it upon themselves to rid the game of the alien hordes. YouTuber King Vader tried to rally fans into a battle against the aliens, tweeting, "Aye tonight ima hop on GTA & get rid of this alien problem .. who's with me!!!?"


Whether or not you approve of the alien war raging within Grand Theft Auto Online, one positive thing to note is that it appears the aliens are all playing by the rules. None of the videos posted online appear to show the alien players explicitly cheating or hacking the game in any way. This stands in stark contrast to the weird hackers that are infesting Grand Theft Auto Online's sister game, Red Dead Online. A few months ago, players were finding themselves being cut down by invincible mutant skeletons that had been hacked into the game, which are significantly more intimidating than a bunch of dudes in alien morphsuits.