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Dead Space 4: Will We Ever Get A Sequel?

There's no denying the success of Dead Space, a game that took the survival horror franchise on a trip to the stars. We can, however, debate the success of the Dead Space franchise as a whole. The first game was a hit, and is still worth a play however you can get your hands on it. The Dead Space sequels, however, were mediocre at best.


This fact, and many others, stand in the way of the world ever getting a fourth Dead Space game. While a return to the series isn't a total impossibility — we did get a new Half-Life, after all — there may be too many roadblocks in the way for a comeback to be feasible.

Here's the scoop on whether or not we'll ever get a Dead Space 4.

Dead Space lost its way

As previously mentioned, the first Dead Space was an instant classic. Fans and reviewers alike had nothing but good things to say about the original story of necromorphs on a ravaged space freighter. They were far more unhappy with how the series changed following that release. 


The last two Dead Space titles were less survival horror and more action adventure, straying away from the concept that had made the first game a roaring success. The frozen wastes introduced in the third game were contentious, to say the least. And the fact that Dead Space 3 ends with an outright invasion of earth? Yeah, people didn't like that, either.

There's no telling how far the Dead Space series might've gone had it stuck to its horror roots. Unfortunately, it didn't. Fans ultimately bailed on the franchise, and eventually, so did EA.

Visceral Games was shut down

Dead Space was developed by the talented folks at Visceral Games, a studio that had previously adapted movies like The Lord of the Rings for the video game screen. Dead Space was Visceral's first IP; unfortunately, following its 2008 success, many of the game's core creators moved on to other studios.


This left Visceral Games unprepared for the demands of a triple-A franchise. It also led to the aforementioned shift in the next two Dead Space titles, which — as mentioned — weren't as well received. Visceral worked on a few other games over the years, including Dante's Inferno and Battlefield: Hardline. The Dead Space franchise, however, was never seen or heard from again.

EA shut down Visceral Games in 2017 after several failed projects, including the infamous open world Star Wars title that never was. Since Visceral is dead, the Dead Space franchise likely is, as well.