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You've Been Playing Loba All Wrong In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 got off to an impressive start with the character Loba. Now players can use the high society cat burglar to steal victories (and loot) from under opponents' noses. In the hands of a skilled player, Loba can guarantee enemies won't know what hit them. In unskilled hands, Loba will stumble through the battlefield and quickly meet the wrong end of a shotgun.


Since Loba is new to the world of Apex Legends, most gamers haven't mastered her abilities. You need to experiment if you want to learn all the ins and outs and dos and don'ts of playing Loba. Alternatively, you can read this guide and give yourself an edge on the competition. Follow Loba's example and work smarter, not harder. 

Here are the mistakes you're making and the strategies you'll need to adopt to get the most from Apex Legends' newest combatant.

Not activating Loba's tactical ability early

Convenient and often game-breaking, teleportation has long been a blessing and burden for gamers. Why walk somewhere when you can instantly beam yourself there instead? It's the destination — not the journey — that matters, especially in battle royales where equipment is first come, first serve.


Loba's tactical ability, Burglar's Best Friend, lets her toss out a Jump Drive bracelet and teleport to where it lands. Sounds like the perfect way to make quick escapes, flank, or appear behind enemies and fill them with holes, right? You'd better curb your enthusiasm because not looking before you leap is a great way to get yourself killed.

Burglar's Best Friend is as flashy as it is functional, which is a double-edged sword. After teleporting, Loba needs to put her Jump Drive bracelet back on, which makes her vulnerable for several seconds. Moreover, the bracelet leaves a white, gleaming trail that eagle-eyed enemies can easily spot and follow. A misused Jump Drive bracelet is worse than wearing a "Kick Me" sign, especially with sniper rifles involved.


Since Loba is helpless until she puts her bracelet back on, using it in full view of opponents is a quick trip to an early grave. But, players can circumvent this issue by activating her ability early. If the Jump Drive bracelet is in midair, Loba users can activate the ability again to make the bracelet drop to the ground (because physics are only a suggestion in video games, not a rule) and teleport to the bracelet's location. Trick enemies by making them aim where they think the bracelet will land and then teleport to a slightly different location.

Whether it's used for a quick getaway or to misdirect enemies, the Jump Drive bracelet truly is a Burglar's Best Friend.

Not combining Loba's ultimate and passive abilities

Loba's passive and ultimate abilities are both loot-themed, which is a deliberate design choice. Her passive ability, Eye for Quality, lets players see nearby epic and legendary loot through walls (and in chests), while her ultimate, Black Market Boutique, lets players teleport nearby loot into their inventory. On paper, Loba's ultimate sounds overpowered. No need to scour for loot when you can have it delivered with the press of a button. But, as with all aspects of battle royales, jumping the gun can leave you at a disadvantage.


Given the importance of loot in Apex Legends, players might be tempted to use Black Market Boutique as soon as it's ready. But, Loba is a distinguished thief and only steals the highest quality items. Loba players should also follow that train of thought, especially since Black Market Boutique has the same range as Eye for Quality. If you can't see epic or legendary items with Loba's passive, then none are nearby. When this is the case, Black Market Boutique is better off saved for locations full of rarer loot.

Not throwing Loba's Jump Drive bracelet onto a Launch Pad

Loba's Jump Drive bracelet might give her a ton of quick mobility, but it has a finite range. While elevation is a determining factor, expect to reach around 70 meters when giving her bracelet a toss. Unless, of course, you participate in some good old ability synergy.


Now, it's no secret Octane is all about going fast, which is why he packs a Launch Pad for his ultimate ability. Nothing gets adrenaline pumping quite like jumping onto the souped-up trampoline and screaming through the air like a living cannonball. And, thanks to experimentation, players have discovered that Loba's bracelet can bounce off Launch Pads for some serious horizontal distance.

If you need to get between point A and point B super fast, you can't go wrong with this combo. However, watch out for nearby Wattsons. Her Interception Pylon temporarily short circuits Loba's bracelet, which prevents teleportation.

Assuming Loba's ultimate ability prevents enemies from snagging items

Loba's Black Market Boutique is a show stealer in more ways than one. With this ability, all nearby items are ripe for the taking, even though the stealing limit is two per customer. While the boutique lets players snag items without having to search for them, it doesn't stop enemies from doing the same.


Whenever Loba activates her Boutique, her staff scans for nearby items and makes them float. If someone encounters floating items, they know a Black Market Boutique is up and running nearby. More importantly, the shop doesn't distinguish between friend and foe. Anyone can interact with Loba's staff to obtain items. If a Loba player and her allies are ambushed while using the store and they forget to close up shop, enemy players can use the Black Market Boutique for their own nefarious purposes. Of course, they're also subject to the "two items per person" rule, but that's small potatoes.

Not using Loba's Boutique to block bullets

In real life, you could use virtually anything as a shield in a pinch. Granted, a pillow won't block a punch as effectively as a sheet of metal, but it is still an option nonetheless. The same logic applies to Loba's Black Market Boutique. Her staff isn't designed to deflect bullets, but some players have confirmed that it can take a few hits when necessary.


Now, by no means should you use Loba's ultimate ability to create a shield, but if a player is browsing the shop when enemies charge them, the staff could potentially save their life. Besides, it's easier to set up another Boutique than it is to revive a player.