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Things Keep Getting Worse For Destiny 2

The latest Destiny 2 event has been a massive source of frustration for many fans, and for good reason. The quest to claim the legendary shotgun known as Felwinter's Lie has been marred by one bug or bad decision after another. This began with a quest that required the Destiny 2 community as a whole to finish 9 million Seraph Tower events, which are already infamously difficult missions within Destiny 2. Players simply neglected to participate in the event as a result, which led to a staggeringly low completion rate for the latest quest.


To Bungie's credit, the developer quickly set about attempting to fix the quest after numerous complaints. Among the fixes issues by Bungie, the difficulty of the overall quest was lowered. Champion type enemies had their overall toughness lowered, which also made a big difference in defending the Seraph Towers. 

Battling through the Champions is one of the harder aspects of these community events, as they all have different kinds of abilities. The aptly-named Barrier Champions have the ability to raise shields to defend themselves. Overload Champions cannot be killed by regular means and must instead be overloaded by certain types of weapons, which then make them vulnerable to weapons fire. Then there are the Unstoppable Champions, which live up to their names and are a total headache. Bungie apparently reduced the efficacy and number of Champions dispatched against players across the board, which definitely made quest progression a bit easier.


In addition, Bungie told fans, "Effective immediately, quest progression has been given a 5x multiplier which will be increased to 10x on weekends." This made that absurd completion number of 9 million tower completions a much more manageable feat. According to PC Gamer, the completion rate for the community event jumped up to 10% within hours of the update from Bungie. Things looked to be getting back on track, despite the fact that the quest was still something of a grind for everyone participating.

Thanks to that massive 10x progression multiplier, the Destiny 2 community met the required number of activations and it seemed like everyone was poised to head to the next step in the quest. That's when things went wrong yet again. 

In an already annoying move, the next step of the quest is yet another series of grinds. Now, individual players need to rack up 1,000 kills. Specifically, these kills have to be carried out with a shotgun, apparently to tie things back in with the promised reward of Felwinter's Lie. 

Unfortunately, as many players are now discovering, this portion of the quest is awkwardly bugged right at the beginning. Even after dealing with the excruciating Seraph Towers, players are having a hard time even starting this part of the event. You're supposed to begin the mission by speaking to the character Vostok, who will give you a bit of backstory and then send you to meet with Rasputin, who will put you to the task at hand. The only issue here is that the game basically sends you to the middle of nowhere once you attempt to start the mission.


As explained by PC Gamer's Tim Clark, "players have found themselves literally locked out. The problematic step asks you to speak to Rasputin via his bunker on the moon. And sure enough, when you go to visit, there's a marker to start 'The Tyrant' step over the door. However, click it, and you're transported to the moon spawn point by Eris Morn. The quest is seemingly active, but there are no more markers or info."

So, to recap: this quest line began with a community mission that would have taken up an insane amount of time and effort and just wasn't fun. That mission was then tweaked by Bungie to basically get it over with as quickly as possible. That didn't make it more fun, but it was at least more efficient. Now players are onto another mission that requires a ton of boring grinding and the game will literally not let them start it. It's beginning to feel like Felwinter's Lie is the most accurately-named weapon in games.

Needless to say, players are not at all pleased with this turn of events. Social media has been flooded with frustrated gamers who are ready to throw in the towel or turn their backs on Destiny 2 altogether. One Redditor felt that the current season of the game was the worst it has ever had, and was met with several responses from fed-up players agreeing with them. As this player wrote, "The inumerous bad decisions made by Bungie is discouraging for long time players like me."


For what it's worth, Bungie is currently investigating the bug. Hopefully Bungie will continue to listen to the feedback and make the appropriate fixes. The next season can only go up from here.