The Real Reason Ghost Of Tsushima Was Delayed

When Sony announced the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4 entered doomsday clock mode. It's only a matter of time until the console becomes obsolete. While that is unlikely to happen the day its successor launches, the end is nigh for the PS4 and any games slated for it. The last thing developers want is for a PS4 game to be delayed, unfortunately, Ghost of Tsushima is one of many current gen titles to have faced that fate.


Originally, Sucker Punch's action-adventure saga was supposed to launch on June 26. However, Sony pushed the date to July 17 in late April. The news understandably upset gamers who were looking forward to it, and where there is frustration, conspiracy and doubt aren't far behind.

Hidden among the theories and accusations, there might just be a kernel of truth. What prompted the Ghost of Tsushima delay, and how will this decision likely affect the final product? Read on to find out.

Sucker Punch is giving Ghost of Tsushima extra polish

Sony's initial delay announcement lacked information. It only stated that the Ghost of Tsushima release date had been pushed and that Sony wanted to "personally congratulate and thank" the developers. No reason why the game was postponed, just that it was. It's no wonder many gamers were confused.


Thankfully, the official Sucker Punch Twitter account chimed in with some much needed context. It stated that, while Ghost of Tsushima was almost ready to release at the time of the announcement, the studio is spending extra time applying "a few finishing touches" and stomping out some bugs. Part of this stemmed from new logistical challenges, such as the need to complete the development cycle while working from home.

On May 20, Shroud said he thought the "animations are lacking," so it sounds like the delay may ultimately be to Ghost of Tsushima's benefit. Of course, the title isn't Shroud's usual genre, so action-adventure fans might be more excited by what Tsushima has to offer.

The Last of Us 2 might have something to do with it

For many PlayStation 4 owners, the infamous The Last of Us 2 leak is still fresh in their minds. Its predecessor is a beloved title, and many gamers were looking forward to its follow-up. Originally, Ghost of Tsushima was supposed to launch on June 26, one week after The Last of Us 2's June 19 release. Several people have theorized the Ghost of Tsushima delay was merely a business decision


Since the two games would have released within a week of each other, they would have become rivals for gamers' money. And, after the giant leak, many players might have reconsidered buying The Last of Us 2, instead waiting seven days to purchases Ghost of Tsushima. Essentially, some people believe Sony delayed Ghost of Tsushima to give The Last of Us 2 the best chance at maximizing profits.

While no one has confirmed or denied this theory, it carries shades of the Battleborn failure. Battleborn bombed financially for a number of reasons, including being forced to compete directly with Overwatch. Since The Last of US 2 is now facing an uphill battle thanks to the leak, releasing Ghost of Tsushima a few days after the sequel would have likely made the battle downright Sisyphean.