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Famous People Who Can't Stand Tyler1

If you're familiar with the world of streaming, you know many Twitch celebrities court controversy. Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp is no stranger to this kind of trouble, which seems to increase his viewership, fire up his audience, and bring in mucho dinero in the process. In fact, this is a player who seems to thrive on his "bad boy" image.


Tyler1 is known for his fits of rage over his game of choice, League of Legends. This hate-hate relationship has earned him a long rap sheet for acts such as alleged verbal abuse, evasion of sportsmanship systems, and player harassment. In 2016, he was indefinitely banned from the League. He was back by 2018, dialing down the drama to soothe his fraught relationship with developer Riot Games.

Despite his comeback, plenty of people have found reasons to dislike Tyler1, both famous and otherwise. His actions have been likened to "an animal" in a Reddit thread. Then there's the Riot game developer who was fired for saying insulting things about Tyler1, and was doxxed and trolled in the wake of that incident. 


Still, some people love Tyler1, or he wouldn't have millions of followers — some of whom think he's a hero. He remains one of the most popular Twitch streamers out there, and his brand of outlaw behavior seems inseparable from his notoriety. Here's a look at some of his biggest "haters."

Yassuo and Tyler1 are League rivals

Tyler1 seems to have found a rival in Hammoudi "Moe" "Yassuo" Abdalrhman — one who may even be the better player if their $10,000 bet from early 2019 is any indication. The two agreed to figure out which could get a new account to the highest League of Legends rank without using their main champions. Yassuo won, but when it was time for Tyler1 to pay the price and play a game of Pummel Party with Yassuo and two others, he didn't show. 


In confronting Tyler1, Yassuo said, "You are being disrespectful to other people's time, not only to (us) but also to your viewers who had been waiting." Tyler1 responded in his stream that he didn't care and hated it when people told him what to do. Yet the bet benefited both players, sending their viewership numbers up.

Later in 2019, Tyler1 called Yassuo a "bottom-tier streamer." In fact, the two trade insults and challenges regularly over Twitter, in person, and elsewhere online. They've fielded teams against each other, too. Their fans also get in on the fray. But often the rivalry seems more playful than real, making it hard to determine if the animosity is genuine or simply a ploy for bigger numbers.


Dr Disrespect and Tyler1 get into it over their viewer counts

Dr Disrespect's relationship with Tyler1 took a negative turn in 2018 just after both returned to their games — in the Doc's case, he'd taken some personal time off after cheating on his wife. There appeared to be some question over which streamer's comeback stream earned more viewers, and a misunderstanding of the tweets Dr Disrespect sent to Tyler1 led to additional back-and-forth and an arm-wrestling challenge. Since then, the two have traded roasts and indulged in the occasional feud, insulting everything from each others' age and height to physical fitness levels.


One exchange has Dr Disrespect commenting on Tyler1's "average" gaming ability in the single title he plays, which led to Tyler1 responding, "Average would be an upgrade for you, number one. So I'll start there. Number two, I am one of the greatest League of Legends players, statistically, in the country." Well, people have accused Tyler1 of many, many things, but humility is not one of them.

IWillDominate accuses Tyler1 of slander

Tyler1 has another beef with streamer IWillDominate, also known as Christian Rivera. IWillDominate claimed in March that Tyler1 has been slandering him in-game, and that, although the two were once friends, they are not any longer. Tyler1 fired back, saying in a Twitch chat that his banter means nothing. "Dom, I don't hate you. I'm not publicly slandering you, you idiot. You absolute idiot. You don't need to get triggered, it's literally banter," Tyler1 claimed. 


Dom doesn't agree with this interpretation of events, saying that if this were the case Tyler1 could have defended him on certain Reddit threads where he was being attacked. Upping the ante, Dom went on record as calling Tyler1 a "cancer human being." The two continue to parry online.

It's pretty clear this won't be Tyler1's last time getting on the nerves of his fellow gamers. For better or worse, these feuds are basically part of his brand, and make up some of the show viewers have come to expect from their favorite streamers.