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These Are The Best Enchantments In Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons trades mining and crafting for dungeon delving. Players can spend hours wandering the game's countless halls, collecting loot and getting blown up by creepers. Despite the switch in genre, Minecraft Dungeons keeps several of the original game's hallmarks, including its blocky style. Oh, and the ability to give items weird enchantments — you can't forget about enchantments.

Of course, Minecraft's enchantments are almost nothing like those found in Minecraft Dungeons. Players can't make boots that defy gravity, and since there's nothing to mine in Dungeons, enchanting pickaxes to mine faster is a pipe dream. However, Minecraft Dungeons still features plenty of useful enchantments, such as dealing extra damage to undead enemies and firing five arrows from your bow at once.

For every playstyle there's an enchantment, and for every enchantment there's a playstyle. However, you might wonder which enchantments are the objective best. That's a difficult question to answer, but here's what players have learned regarding enchantment superiority.

Freeze enemies in their tracks

Minecraft Dungeons is full of character builds waiting to be discovered and used. Each build relies on specific (and legendary/unique) armor, weapons, and artifacts, as well as enchantments that synergize with built-in item buffs.

Say, for example, you want to turn into a walking blizzard and slow enemies to a crawl, and then take them out from afar. If so, you should check out Awall's Frost Reaper build. This specific loadout uses the Guardian Bow, Frost Scythe, and Frost Bite armor.

The bow on its own is a powerful because of its charged shots, but with Ricochet, those arrows can spread the pain by bouncing off enemies. Meanwhile, the Frost Scythe freezes enemies with each attack, and a Shockwave enchantment lengthens the weapon's chilling grasp even further. And finally, the Frost Bite armor ties everything together because it increases ranged damage (including Shockwave), summons a companion, and provides a glacier's worth of defense. Add in the Chilling enchantment, which slows enemies automatically, and you have a build that lets you kill enemies before they can touch you, partially because they're too frozen to move.

Soul Power

Some builds rely on triggering certain effects, such as gathering the souls used to power artifacts. Since specific enchantments are activated when gathering souls, pairing up soul-dependent enchantments with items that turn you into a soul vacuum is a no-brainer. Who doesn't want to be the Grim Reaper?

One of the best options is the Power Beam build, which revolves around the Corrupted Beacon artifact. You'll also maximize artifact damage to turn the Corrupted Beacon into a planet buster beam of destruction, as well as boosting the number of souls players collect to unleash a constant stream of beams.

Items like the Souldancer Robe, Feral Soul Crossbow, and Torment Quiver are essential for this loadout, since they guarantee a never-ending torrent of souls — also, the robe beefs up artifact damage. Obviously, enchantments that depend on souls are a must. Anima Conduit and Soul Speed heal you and increase your speed whenever you collect souls. Since the souls never stop flowing with this build, you may never have to worry about dying.

Run through high-level areas (literally)

Minecraft Dungeons features multiple difficulty levels, and each one includes a recommended power rating. Without the right equipment, you'd have an easier time surviving a night in a lion's den than in these levels. Normally, you should grind lower level areas until you have the proper loot, but some players have discovered a way to cheese enemies, which frees you to search for chests.

Speed and survivability are the themes of this build, not damage. You're supposed to reach treasure chests as quickly as possible, not take on waves of enemies. To this end, Swiftfooted and Tempo Theft help you move faster whenever you roll and attack an enemy (it can't be helped), Moreover, Chain Reaction lets you attack even more enemies so long as the ability procs and spawns extra arrows — the more enemies you attack, the more Tempo Theft steals their speed. And, just in case you do need to kill enemies, Power helps deal a little extra damage to those enemies you can't simply run past.

On the survivability side of things, Protection buffs defense and Potion Barrier increases it even further whenever you down a potion. As for melee enchantments, you can pick whatever you want since your sword will rust with disuse. Getting into melee range means enemies can hit you, which you don't want when you're underpowered.

With these enchantments, you can run around the dungeon searching for chests. Don't worry if you die since you're only here for the loot.

Worry less about enchantments and more about enchantment synergy

There's no such thing as a bad enchantment, even though some enchantments support certain builds more than others. Each will find a home with at least one player, especially once gamers unlock items that have more than one enchantment slot. After all, the only thing better than a sword that lights enemies on fire is a sword that also makes them explode into damaging corpse chunks.

The number of enchantment synergies in Minecraft Dungeons is staggering and only increases as you discover more items. For example, Sharpness is a good universal enchantment that increases weapon damage. But, when paired with Echo, which occasionally spawns a phantasmal weapon for an extra attack, you can double your damage output. Alternatively, you can enchant a weapon with Echo and Rampaging to defeat enemies faster since the more enemies you kill, the faster Rampaging lets you attack. And, the faster you attack, the more enemies you can kill. It's a self-perpetuating cycle of destruction.

On the bow side of enchantment synergy, you can't go wrong with Growing since it makes arrows, well, grow in midair. With enough distance, any arrow can transform into a giant ballista bolt, but why stop there? Growing plus Ricochet equals arrows that may bounce as they grow and grow as they bounce. Meanwhile, Multishot pairs up with Growing to create fans of giant arrows. If you attach any of these enchantments to bows that fire multiple arrows simultaneously by design (e.g., the Harp Crossbow), you have enough arrows to fill the screen. Even if your graphics card survives the onslaught, your enemies won't.