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Mixer Stars Who Are Insanely Rich

For a long time when you thought of streaming, you thought of Twitch. Although it started small when it launched under the name "Justin.tv" back in 2007, it grew steadily every year. By the time the current console generation arrived and live-streaming was on the tip of everyone's tongue, Twitch had become the forerunner in the world of personality-focused, easy-to-access video game live feeds. 


The platform helped launch the careers of countless professional gamers, and even with YouTube entering the live-streaming sphere it seemed unlikely anyone would be able to come close to the Twitch throne.

Things started to change in 2019 when Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer went on the offensive. Mixer had slowly and quietly gained traction since 2016 and seemed to emerge from the woodwork to poach massive Twitch personalities. Mixer signed major deals with numerous Twitch streamers to get them to switch over and now a number of pro gamers with impressive wealth and even some shocking celebrities call Mixer home. Here are some of Mixer's wealthiest stars.

Ninja said he's so rich he could buy a bank

Mixer was hardly a known entity until the streaming platform put together an exclusive streaming deal with the biggest name in professional gaming: Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. In August 2019, the already massive star was a financial powerhouse when he signed an exclusivity deal with Mixer. Making almost $10 million in 2018 alone, the streaming celebrity brought massive capital and a huge following to the growing platform.


His value has only grown since then, with Ninja's currently estimated net worth sitting somewhere around $20 million. How rich is that? Well, according to the star, rich enough to buy a bank. In a recent tirade during a Valorant stream with TimTheTatman, Ninja went off on the people who sling insults at him about Mixer and Fortnite, boasting that he could "literally purchase the bank that your house is being loaned out to [...] and f*cking foreclose. And then you can't talk sh*t to me 'cause you won't have internet."

Shroud is swimming in commercial deals and followers

While Microsoft nabbed a household name for its platform in the form of Ninja, other notable Twitch streamers also signed exclusivity deals with Mixer around the same time. One such streamer, Shroud, is currently the 2nd most followed streamer on Mixer. That success has led to plenty of major sponsorships and deals for the gamer, including a starring role in an Xbox Game Pass commercial.


So, how has that fame and popularity translated financially? Very well, it seems. For starters, The Sun reported Shroud supposedly agreed to a seven-figure salary when he decided to join Mixer. That kind of figure makes sense when you take into account the fact joining Mixer meant leaving behind seven million Twitch followers. A massively beneficial deal like that on top of years of successful content production on YouTube and Twitch has led the gamer to an impressive estimated net worth of $8-12 million.

Snoop Dogg is Mixer's wealthy uncle

While most of the notably wealthy or highly-viewed streamers on Mixer made their name by live streaming video games or producing YouTube videos, one active and notable Mixer personality also happens to be one of the richest rappers in the world: Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg has spent decades cultivating success as a musical artist, songwriter, record producer, and even actor. The influential and unforgettable pop culture icon is currently sitting on a hefty estimated net worth of $135 million, far surpassing the number one streamer on Mixer, Ninja.


Snoop Dogg hasn't just hopped onto Mixer once or twice and called it a day, either. He regularly streams a variety of video games to his almost 40,000 followers, including Madden NFL 20. Snoop Dogg has even gotten other rap icons into the Mixer game, such as when he streamed a Mortal Kombat 11 tournament where he faced off against 21 Savage and a variety of other celebrity guests under his "Snoop Dogg's Gangsta Gaming League."

TheGrefg is a Spanish streaming icon

Plenty of the biggest names on Mixer are American born gamers and online personalities. Mixer's third most-followed and second-most viewed streamer, though, is a Spain-born gamer named David Cánovas Martínez, or TheGrefg. The Spaniard first made a name for himself on YouTube, where he regularly produced a massive amount of Fortnite content that helped him earn 13.5 million subscribers.


While TheGrefg still regularly uploads to YouTube and is an active Twitch streamer with over 30 million views, he has quickly risen through the ranks on Mixer and become one of the most-watched personalities on the platform. It's easy to see that his success has treated him well, as the Spanish Mixer star regularly poses with expensive cars on Instagram, and even managed to get a book deal for his debut novel Los secretos de YouTube. As of May 2020, the incredibly busy TheGrefg has an estimated net worth of $12 million.

Tommy Wiseau brings his wild personality to Mixer

If you're at all a fan of weird and hilarious cinema, you know about the 2003 American romantic drama The Room. And if you know about The Room, then you absolutely know about the writer, producer, director, and star of the film: Tommy Wiseau. 


Wiseau is a Polish-born American actor and filmmaker who made his debut with The Room, which went on to be simultaneously slammed by critics and adored by lovers of cheesy cinema. The film has a massive cult following, and that slow-built success has led Wiseau to not only have an estimated net worth of $700,000 but to also be able to land financing deals on his future projects.

When Wiseau isn't busy pursuing his love of filmmaking and acting, though, you might just be able to find him streaming on Mixer. On Aug. 1, 2019, Wiseau tweeted a link (since removed) to his brand new Mixer channel. While the channel may not have massive views or followers, it's still one of the many passion projects of the pop culture personality.


This Ship isn't sinking anytime soon

Ninja and Shroud joined the platform relatively recently through lucrative exclusivity deals penned by Microsoft to help the fresh streaming website grow. Other big names on Mixer, though, have been there for far longer and slowly cultivated impressive followings. One such streamer is Ship, a Fortnite regular who joined the platform in April 2017. Now, the successful streaming professional is the fourth most-followed person on Mixer, with almost 700,000 followers and over 17 million total views.


Ship may not be sitting on a net worth of $20 million like Ninja or starring in Xbox Game Pass commercials with Shroud, but the gamer has still made an impressive living off of his Mixer fame. Ship regularly hosts $100+ giveaways on Twitter for his existing fans and new followers, and he also isn't shy about his massive collection of incredibly expensive and in-demand sneakers.

QueenEliminator is well-sponsored

Plenty of the top streamers on Mixer are men, but sitting at number nine in the rankings as the highest subscribed and viewed female streamer on the platform is QueenEliminator. She's an active presence on Mixer, Twitter, and Instagram, producing a variety of lengthy streams for modern hits like Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. When she isn't streaming games, though, she's doing lengthy and regular casual chat streams where she goes through her makeup process and spends the day connecting with hundreds of thousands of regular viewers.


As the top female streamer on Mixer, she's a big name in the streaming world. She's had partnerships with the official Microsoft store that have resulted in new controller color schemes inspired by and designed by her. Queenie is also sponsored by G Fuel Energy and TechniSport. All that success has translated into a solid living for any streaming star. She regularly shares $100 giveaways on Twitter, and was even able to purchase a fancy 2020 Subaru BRZ.

KingGothalion's net worth is no joke

Microsoft went for some of the biggest names on Twitch during its 2019 poach fest. The budding streaming platform hit it big when it recruited global phenomenon Ninja and massive professional streamer Shroud, but another huge name threw his hat into the mix: KingGothalion. Signing to Mixer in 2019 around the same time as the other two, KingGothalion was already a huge star sporting over 300,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 50 million views on Twitch.


Even before penning a lucrative deal with Mixer, KingGothalion was making a healthy living in the world of professional gaming for nearly seven years. What started as a partnership with Machinima back in 2013 has now ballooned into a successful career that sees KingGothalion with an estimated net worth of $1.7 million. While he doesn't appear to live an extravagant lifestyle, his massive earnings from Twitch fame and Mixer success help him support his wife and children.