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Games You Should Play Before They Leave Xbox Game Pass In June

Microsoft has hundreds of games on offer through the Xbox Game Pass. Tons of award-winning and cult classic titles are ripe for the picking through the Netflix-esque service. You can download releases like Alan Wake, Yakuza Kiwami, and Red Dead Redemption 2 for the low price of $10 a month ($15 if you spring for the Ultimate subscription, which also features an Xbox Live Gold subscription and the PC Game Pass). 


While Microsoft adds new games every month, it removes others on a somewhat regular basis. Microsoft giveth, Microsoft taketh away. Since June recently started, the company updated its list of games joining and leaving the Xbox Game Pass. Only seven titles will depart this month, and all of them are worth your time. However, some have more to offer than others. 

Take a look at the the must-play games that are bidding the Xbox Game Pass adieu in June.


The single-player campaigns of many modern FPS titles are mindless affairs. Fun, power fantasy romps where players can single-handedly decimate entire countries with just a shotgun and pistol, but mindless nonetheless. Superhot, meanwhile, adds a unique, time-bending twist to the FPS formula that turns each level into a puzzle.


In Superhot, time only moves when you move, and time stands still when you do. This lets you plan out each fight and gives you plenty of time to aim, but that doesn't mean Superhot is easy. One hit and you're dead — back to the starting point you go. You have to use every item at your disposal, including guns, swords, and even your bare fists if you want to survive.

Superhot demonstrates that slow and steady wins the gun fight.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Originally a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Resident Evil: Revelations slaps a fresh coat of HD paint onto the handheld title. The game unfolds on a seemingly abandoned cruise ship and takes you back to the Resident Evil roots. Trapped aboard an inescapable deathtrap swarming with brain-hungry creatures, you have to survive insurmountable odds, all while revealing a mystery that revolves around Resident Evil alum Chris Redfield.


You can expect a sizable campaign throughout Resident Evil: Revelations' winding and waterlogged halls, with plenty of terrifying monsters and bosses, as well as a variety of weapons to shoot them with. Plus, when you're done with the single-player story, you can join a friend in Raid Mode for a B.O.W. shooting spree in a race up the leaderboard. Can you snag the spot of the world's best zombie slayer?


What do you get when you mix a space flight sim with roguelike progression? You get Everspace. Each session is a high-flying hyperspace extravaganza where you fight enemies, mine ore, die, and repeat the process. Each time you play, you survive longer and obtain more weapons and story bits, and each time you die, you are hit with the urge to play just one more session.


Not only is Everspace a blast to play, it's also a dream to experience. While the meat of the game is hurtling through unfriendly space sectors and blasting apart enemies, it is littered with gorgeous vistas and anomalies that could only exist in the zero-g environment of outer space. Everspace is procedurally generated, so you will never encounter the same areas twice.

If you want a game that could last you potentially limitless hours, you can't go wrong with Everspace.