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Why PewDiePie Wants To Join Forces With T-Series

The feud between T-Series and PewDiePie was one of the more bizarre dust-ups between content creators within the last few years. When it first looked as though T-Series would surpass Pewds in the number of subscribers, PewDiePie began to fiercely campaign against T-Series. Now, it appears as though PewDiePie is considering extending the Indian music corporation an olive branch. The sole purpose of this team up would be to overtake the children's YouTube channel called Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes. No, really.


The Cocomelon YouTube channel, for those unaware, began life back in 2006 under the name ThatsMEonTV. The goal of the channel's programming was to release educational and musical children's entertainment. It started small, with videos trickling out with several months in between uploads. Over the first seven years of the channel's existence, it primarily focused on alphabet songs.

According to a report from Dexerto, the channel's subscriber count suddenly jumped up in 2016, when it began to release content in a 3D animation style reminiscent of Pixar movies. Within three years, the channel began to pull in more monthly view counts than PewDiePie, which is no easy feat.

The channel's subscriber count is also growing at a larger rate than T-Series'. In a recent video uploaded to his own channel, PewDiePie watches a clip analyzing Cocomelon's exponential growth within the last few years. He comes to learn that the channel increased its number of views by nearly 20% in just the last 30 days, while T-Series managed a 0.3% increase in views during the same time frame. This leads the analyst to announce that Cocomelon is on track to beat both PewDiePie and T-Series' subscriber numbers in the next 14 months.


As PewDiePie was astonished to discover in a recent video, some of Cocomelon's YouTube channel does indeed have over 83 million subscribers. This has led to PewDiePie telling his formal rival T-Series to let bygones be bygones.

"They can't keep getting away with it," he says of Cocomelon. "T-Series: peace. We need to join forces to defeat this evil! They are gonna take over both of us, unless we join forces. I am joking, of course. But still... am I?"

In a hilarious moment, Pewds imagines what a collaboration between the two camps would actually be like. "Indian nursery rhymes, with a... sprinkle of PewDiePie. We'll be unstoppable," he jokes.

Afterwards, he notes how impressive it is that the channel is doing so well. He points out that more than ten of Cocomelon's videos have racked up more than one billion views, which is no mean feat. He takes this as his cue to start making notes of the different ways that Cocomelon approaches its videos. He points out that each video has a minute marker in the top corner to show how long each video is. He also pokes fun at the "nightmare fuel" images in each thumbnail, telling viewers that he can do that, too. 

PewDiePie begins talking a big game towards Cocomelon, but eventually seems to realize how close he's coming to repeating the fiasco between him and T-Series. "I feel like I'm doing the same thing here, where I'm literally just making dumb unironic jokes against a company. But we've already seen how that went, so I'm not going down that road again," he says. 


It's worth mentioning how much things have seemingly changed between PewDiePie and T-Series since their whole goofy feud subsided. Pewds and his fanbase launched a campaign to try to secure Pewds' spot as the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. This included a video in which fellow streamer JackSepticEye threatened to delete his channel if enough people didn't subscribe to PewDiePie.

Things got a bit out of hand when PewDiePie released a diss track aimed at T-Series called "B*tch Lasagna." This song and accompanying music video were seen as offensive by T-Series, who issued PewDiePie a cease and desist order. Pewds also ran into issues with fans making racist and vulgar comments toward T-Series. As he explained the time, "This is not what I'm about, and I know this isn't what my fan base is about either."

And so, after dropping one more comedic music video for the road, PewDiePie admitted defeat and allowed T-Series to seize the top spot without a fight. Despite the fact that PewDiePie passed 100 million subscribers last year, T-Series continues to outpace him in numbers. Still, if the first individual YouTuber to pass 100 million and the mighty T-Series channel joined forces, who's to say how powerful they could become? Even though it's highly unlikely, it's amazing to wonder what a collaboration between the two would even look like.