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How Do You Get To The Isle Of Armor In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield's first DLC, The Isle of Armor, lands on June 17. The expansion will reintroduce hundreds of Pokemon that were originally cut, add new Dynamax forms for starter Pokemon, new Galarian forms for Slowpoke and its evolutions, and provide new areas to explore and trainers to fight. It's a whole new world with a brand new attitude, but you still gotta catch 'em all.


Of course, you're probably wondering just how to reach the titular isle. You can't exactly hop on a Lapras and head over. And, if you used your water bike to get there, you would probably tire yourself out in Barraskewda-infested waters before you reached your destination. So, how does one visit the legendary Isle of Armor? Keep reading to find out.

You will need to buy the DLC first

Might as well get the obvious part out of the way: If you want to visit the Isle of Armor, you will need to buy the game-appropriate expansion pass. Nintendo isn't providing universal passes, so if you own Pokemon Sword, you need the Pokemon Sword expansion pass. More importantly, you can't buy the expansion piecemeal. Want The Crown Tundra and not The Isle of Armor? Tough Grookeys, since they are a package deal.


However, if you just want the Pokemon that come with the Isle of Armor expansion, you don't need to purchase the DLC. If you trade with someone who owns the expansion or use Pokemon Home, you can obtain the returning Pokemon without spending any extra cash. Of course, the Isle of Armor will remain off limits until you do.

Fly on the wings of Corviknight

Nintendo hasn't explicitly stated how players will drop by the Isle of Armor, but the March 26 Nintendo Direct Mini included a little clip that might have already provided the answer.

At the 10 second mark of the Nintendo Direct Mini, the video includes a stylized image of a Flying Taxi (aka. a Corviknight-powered taxi) flying to the isle. This momentary glimpse implies players can fly to and from the island with Galar's premier taxi service. Of course, this tidbit leaves out some important key info, such as if players can use the taxi from any location or if it is limited to specific towns. We also don't know if trainers can visit the isle as soon as they unlock the Flying Taxi or if they should wait until they win the championship.


While Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny any pertinent information, odds are the Isle of Armor will be a quick Corviknight away once the DLC launches. Perhaps the same will be true for The Crown Tundra area as well.