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How Long Does It Take To Beat The Last Of Us Part 2?

The story that unfolds within The Last of Us is wrenching, tragic, and powerful — and you'll get more of the same in The Last of Us Part 2. The follow-up to Naughty Dog's 2013 action-adventure horror survival game promises an even greater level of immersion and innovation than the original.


In the new PlayStation 4 title, Ellie and Joel have settled down in Jackson, Wyoming after their previous "adventure," a somewhat unconventional coming-of-age for Ellie that bonded the two together and led Joel to some questionable life choices. The Last of Us Part 2 brings players into their post-apocalyptic world again, offering beautiful and brutal environments, compelling characters and a densely-packed story, much of which is set in Seattle.

Like the first game, Part 2 features many intricate and unexpected twists and plays on your emotions in a masterful way. But it is an intense and unforgiving experience, and some may also find it exhausting. So, how long will it take you to make it to the end of The Last of Us Part 2?


The Last of Us Part 2 is twice as big as the first game

The Last of Us was an expansive title that packed a narrative punch. The second part is even bigger — Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog calls it the studio's longest and most ambitious game. It comes on two discs and requires at least 100 GB of your hard drive space upon initial download. That means the game is about twice the size of the first one.


That doesn't mean Part 2 will take twice as long to play, however. You can beat The Last of Us in under 15 hours if you worry less about thoroughness and just try to endure and survive, as Joel might say. If you kill every enemy and explore all areas, you might get up to 25 hours of play out of it.

The second game does require a bit more attention. It has 11 chapters and, based on reviews from The Verge and TechRadar, takes about 20-30 hours to beat. Once you get through, you'll be able to select chapters to go back to, so there's plenty of replayability if you want to make your time in the game last even longer.