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How To Catch The New Legendaries In Pokemon Sword And Shield: The Isle Of Armor

Pack your bags, stock up on Pokeballs, and break out your Nintendo Switch, because Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor has finally landed. The long-awaited update brings new areas to explore, new trainers to battle, and new Pokemon to catch. Well, mostly old Pokemon, but they're new to Sword and Shield, so they kinda count.


While most players are happy to finally channel their inner Mega Man with Galarian Slowbro, most are also itching for some new legendaries. Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is The Isle of Armor does come with some new legendary Pokemon, but the bad news is about 99% of the legendaries teased in the expansion pass trailer won't come out until The Crown Tundra releases. That Mewtwo and Yveltal you were hoping to catch aren't in the game yet.

Still, Game Freak has thrown players a small bone with a few legendaries. Here's what you need to know to catch 'em all.


Kubfu, the Wushu Pokemon, is The Isle of Armor's flagship legendary. It might look like a grey Pancham with a white headband, but rest assured it is a legendary Pokemon. However, you don't catch Kubfu as much as earn it.


The first step in your Kubfu journey is to visit Mustard's Dojo. Once inside, you have to fight Mustard in a Pokemon battle. Beat him and you'll get a new outfit, the Dojo Uniform. What, you expected to just be handed a Kubfu? No, you have to complete three trials first.

For the first trial, you need to chase and defeat three Galarian Slowpoke. Unlike run-of-the-mill Slowpoke, Galarian Slowpoke can outpace a Dodrio, so use your bike to catch up. Defeat the Slowpoke and return to the dojo for the next trial.

For number two, just collect three Max Mushrooms. That's it. Well, you will have to fight your new rival (Avery or Klara), but once you have all the mushrooms, head back to the dojo for your last trial.


Once you have finished the second trial, the final one is a straightforward Gigantimax battle with your rival. If you manage to defeat your rival (more like when), Master Mustard will reward you with a brand new level 10 Kubfu. Let the training montage begin.


Kubfu is part of a very exclusive club since it is a legendary Pokemon that can evolve, specifically into Urshifu. Moreover, Urshifu comes in two flavors: the Fighting/Dark Single Strike Style and the Fighting/Water Rapid Strike Style. In order to evolve Kubfu into one of these forms, you need to conquer either the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Waters, respectively. But, you can only pick one, so choose wisely.


First though, you need to do some sightseeing with Kubfu before Master Mustard will unlock the towers for you. Also, be warned that if you head straight for the towers, Kubfu will be seriously underleveled and won't stand a Snorunt's chance. Since you're only allowed to enter with Kubfu and can't exit until you either taste victory or experience defeat, you should raise your Kubfu up to at least 70 (this isn't required, just recommended) and stock up on healing items. Once you're ready, enter your tower of choice and prepare to face a gauntlet of Dark-type or Water-type enemies.

Once you have beaten all five floors and trainers, the last of whom is Master Mustard with his own Kubfu, you will finally be able to evolve Kubfu into Urshifu.



Well, isn't this a surprise? Game Freak stealthily added Zeraora as a limited time Max Raid Battle Pokemon. But unlike most normal Max Raid Battle bosses, you can't catch Zeraora. Isn't this list supposed to explain how to catch legendary Pokemon in The Isle of Armor? Yes, but just because you can't catch Zeraora, doesn't mean you can't earn it. Nevertheless, the road to Zeraora is a long one that requires a Celesteela's weight in teamwork.


If one million players defeat Zeraora between June 17 to June 28, everyone will find a free shiny Zeraora waiting for them in Pokemon Home. Yes, you read that correctly: a shiny Zeraora.

So, how do you fight Zeraora? Look for any Max Raid Battles with a difficulty rating of three stars or more, and you might find a Zeraora. If you enter a five-star Max Raid, you might encounter an ultra-powerful shiny Zeraora. Just bring a Ground-type Pokemon that knows Ground-type moves and isn't weak against Fighting-type moves, and you should be okay. And for the love of Arceus, do not use Earthquake since it damages everyone, including allies.

If players reach the 1 million victories mark, a shiny Zeraora will be delivered to all players' Mystery Gifts menu in the mobile version of Pokemon Home. However, you only have until July 6 to claim your free Zeraora, otherwise it will vanish as mysteriously as it arrived.