The Best New Landing Spots In Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Season 3

Now that the map in Fortnite has been remade through a giant flood created by The Device, many of your favorite landing spots may be underwater and inaccessible — at least until the water recedes. Even your old favorites, if they still exist, may have been altered to make them less useful to you. That means you're going to have to find new places to touch down and locate harder-to-find loot. Of course, where you're comfortable getting dropped has to do with your goals and skill level.


As you may know, your landing place can decide the rest of your fate within Fortnite's battle royale, so you're going to want to choose carefully. We've located some places that are perfect for landing because they feature plenty of loot, provide for easy rotation points, and are simply fun to play. If you want early kills within this fractured and unstable landscape, finding new strategies is key.

Rickety Rig

Rickety Rig promises to be a new favorite location for many players. For one thing, it's massive, incorporating parts of the old map on the southwestern corner that included Slurpy Swamp, the Slurpy Factory, and the Rig. This sprawling region full of islands, boats, and parts of the old landmarks makes it easy to find multiple loot chests and ammo crates. Zip-lines connect many of the areas to one another, and it's not far from the Flotilla. 


All these features make this a great spot to get geared up when you enter the game. However, it's a good bet the Rickety Rig is going to be contested. You can easily imagine snipers will have a great time picking people off as they move from island to island, too. So dropping here may not be for the faint-hearted.

Catty Corner

Catty Corner is Kit's domain in Fortnite's Chapter 2 – Season 3. It's a smaller point of interest southeast of Lazy Lake and is well-stocked with materials and weapons you can take once you kill the Henchmen, including Kit's Shockwave Launcher and Kit's Charge Shotgun. You can also obtain the Catty Corner keycard to enter a boss fight with Kit, which lets you access more loot inside the vault. Getting into the vault, by the way, is one of Season 3's challenges.


Catty Corner is pretty far from the center of the map, so you might have a bit more trouble rotating. Also, if you spend too much time getting everything done here, you might put yourself at a disadvantage later on. You should expect the area to be hotly contested — especially if everyone else is trying to complete the challenge.


This overpowered location has become one of the biggest no-longer-secret gems in Fortnite. That's because this little pontoon-style boat features tons of ammo crates, an upgrade station, a supply drop, chests, and more. It's a fantastic place to load up on anything you need. It's also slightly off the beaten track, so it probably won't be too contested.


There's one catch: it apparently spawns randomly in the water along the edge of the Fortnite map. While some players have had luck looking for it in the top northwestern corner, this roaming point of interest can apparently appear in any watery area away from land along the circumference of the map. That makes it a bit hard to find on a consistent basis, but so worth it if you're lucky enough to spot it! All the stuff here can give you a big advantage in any battle you undertake.