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Do The Headphones Come With The PS5?

The internet is still reeling from the PlayStation 5 reveal trailer. Fans got tons of information to comb through and barrels of game announcements and trailers to enjoy. Many are excited for the console and will either buy it for themselves or will beg family members to get it for the holidays. Not even the console's passing resemblance to the ZOTAC's MEK1 gaming PC (or a WiFi router) can ruin the hype.


However, the PS5 announcement video raised as many questions as it did answers. For instance, what is up with that fancy Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, and will it come with the console? Admittedly, it looks pretty darn fancy, so that question is definitely prevalent. Sony hasn't said much about the headphones, so we can only take an educated guess about whether it will be included.

Signs point to no

The Pulse 3D has curvy white stylings and looks like a Gold Wireless Headset on steroids. Actually, that's exactly what the Pulse 3D is. Both headsets feature wireless connectivity and noise cancelling microphones, but the Pulse 3D sees the Gold Wireless' High-fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound and raises it true 3D audio. Each headset is designed to work in tandem with their respective systems, but more importantly, deliver the best PlayStation VR experience.


Given the amount of tech Sony crammed into the Gold Wireless Headset, you would probably assume they are expensive. Unfortunately, you would be incorrect because "expensive" doesn't do its price tag justice. At their base price, each Gold Wireless is a whopping $100, and the Pulse 3D will probably be either just as or more expensive.

If you examine the history of the Gold Wireless Headset, you will notice that Sony has never bundled the headset with the PS4. Sure, the company packed in a little clip-on earpiece that plugs into the DualShock 4 controller and probably cost very little to manufacture, but nothing as complicated as the Gold Wireless Headset ever came with the console. And if Sony has yet to bundle the Gold Wireless with the PS4, odds are good the company won't include the Pulse 3D with the PS5 either.


Bundling the headset with the PS5 would be bad for business

If you ever wandered around a Best Buy or other electronics stores, you probably noticed Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles sell for around $300-$400. This price homogeneity is because Microsoft and Sony have learned that a price discrepancy between rival consoles invariably leads to gamers purchasing the cheaper option. People tend to lose their cool when a console costs an extra Benjamin, especially when the price difference is due to an expensive and ultimately optional accessory.


The gaming public went on a rampage when Microsoft announced the original Xbox One's $500 price tag, all thanks to the Kinect. The PlayStation 4, meanwhile, only cost $400 since Sony didn't pack in optional peripherals. That $100 difference gave the PS4 the edge in the ensuing console war.

Hypothetically, if Sony included a Pulse 3D Headset with the PlayStation 5, the company would have to increase the PS5's price by $100. And, according to a recent leak, the PS5 will already be an expensive beast with a $500 price tag ($400 for the disc-less Digital Edition), so adding the headset is probably a non-starter.

The Xbox Series X's price remains unknown, but if it is comparable to the alleged PS5 price, Microsoft would come out on top if Sony added the Pulse 3D headset with its system. More expensive isn't always better.