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Here's How To Unlock Aquaman In Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Season 3

The developers at Epic Games are cramming every single pop culture icon they can into Fortnite. So far, it is the only game on the market where players can see Deadpool drive around a golf cart, while Batman snipes John Wick from a rooftop. And, since the dev team flooded the map for the recent season, it only made sense to let everyone's favorite water-themed superhero Aquaman in on the action. Well, it was either him or Namor, and only one of those was popular enough to be portrayed by Jason Momoa.


As with characters like Deadpool, you can't obtain the Aquaman skin unless you jump through hoops, some of which are on fire. This skin is locked behind special Aquaman Challenges. Here's how to complete them all so you can charge into battle as the king of the seas.

Classic Aquaman

Technically, there are two Aquaman skins in Fortnite. The first is the classic Aquaman skin with the gold scale shirt and green pants, and the second is just a shirtless, tattooed rendition of Jason Momoa. You can't unlock the shirtless skin until you unlock the classic Aquaman look, so let's start there.


Before you can earn any Aquaman skin, you need to buy the new Battle Pass. The pass is 950 V-Bucks, or about $9.50. If you have completed past battle passes, you should have more than enough V-Bucks to buy the latest iteration, so go ahead and purchase it if you want to play as Aquaman.

After you own the battle pass, you need to complete special Aquaman Challenges. Each week features a new challenge, but they don't disappear if you can't complete them on time. Pace yourself and don't rush (but don't be too slow — you still want to unlock the skin), and you will eventually earn the classic Aquaman skin.

The Week 1 challenge requires you to use a whirlpool at The Flotilla. Just swim into one (or float into one from the sky), and that's it. Challenge done.


Arthur Curry Aquaman

After you own the classic Aquaman skin, you can finally earn the Arthur Curry Aquaman skin. Thankfully, the path is nowhere near as time consuming, but you need the classic Aquaman skin, as in you need to wear it. If you prefer shirtless Aquaman to classic Aquaman, you will have to swallow your pride for a bit.


While wearing the classic Aquaman skin, all you do is dive over the waterfall in Gorgeous Gorge. Easy peasy. Complete the challenge, and the Arthur Curry Aquaman skin is yours. Of course, since the Aquaman Challenges will trickle in every week, the wait to unlock the Arthur Curry skin might feel like an eternity. But, once you already have the classic skin, the other one is just a high dive away.