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The Creepiest Things We Found In The Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy has been a household staple for many years. Its entries bring to mind iconic characters and unforgettable story lines, and none more so than the classic Final Fantasy 7.  Even over two decades after its original release, Final Fantasy 7 has topped several lists as one of the most popular games of all time. So, it comes as no surprise that Square Enix decided to give the game a full makeover.


From ex-SOLDIER turned mercenary Cloud to Aeirth, the kind flower girl with a mysterious past, you may remember quite a bit about Final Fantasy 7. The heroes of the game rise up to fight the corrupt Shinra corporation, and of course there's the formidable Sephiroth and his plans to destroy the world.  You also have a vast list of memorable locations, such as Midgar, Nibelheim, the Gold Saucer, and the Temple of the Ancients, to look back on fondly. 

You might not recall Final Fantasy 7's large assortment of creepy moments, including sinister villains and horror-inducing monsters. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has reintroduced these frightening elements and even added a few more. If you expect a game made up only of high adventure and magical wonder, think again. You might want to play this one with the lights on.


The Mysterious Spectres

These additions to Final Fantasy 7 Remake bring to mind the Dementors from the Harry Potter franchise. Mysterious Spectres wear dark, tattered cloaks, sport empty, black spaces under their hoods instead of faces, and appear in swarms by the hundreds that fly through the air and terrorize the game's characters. 


What makes these dark entities even more frightening is that they cannot be seen, and only materialize when touched. Cloud first encounters them when he meets Aerith, who seems to attract the Spectres for unknown reasons — at least at first. As the game progresses, the Mysterious Spectres appear at multiple points, although they are not always a hindrance. On one occasion they even come to Aerith and Cloud's aid, helping them to escape the clutches of the evil Shinra.

Whatever their motives may be, the Spectres are sure to send a chill down your spine whenever they appear. Perhaps the fact that their purpose is unclear makes them so terrifying.

Cloud's visions

Certain events throughout the game trigger Cloud's memories. He will suddenly experience painful migraines, followed by powerful visions — a city on fire, and pale figures in black cloaks chanting the word "reunion" while mindlessly marching toward some unknown fate. And in the center of them all is Cloud's archnemesis, the imposing and sinister Sephiroth.


The villain of the piece is one of the most popular in the Final Fantasy franchise, and for good reason. Sephiroth is a chilling figure, a man who will stop at nothing to save the planet, even if it means destroying it. What's worse, Sephiroth is supposed to be dead ... right? Yet that doesn't stop him from haunting Cloud's every waking step, endlessly taunting him with vague hints about the past and the future.

Sephiroth is a force to be reckoned with, and that reckoning is soon to come. The vision scenes are some of the creepiest moments in the game, and you feel Cloud's fear right alongside him.

Madam M's massage

While exploring Wall Market with Aerith, Cloud meets the alluring Madam M, proprietor of the local hand-massage parlour.  Madam M has a hot temper and a foul mouth that would put a sailor to shame, but that's not what makes her so terrifying. Cloud and Aerith need Madam M's help to save their friend Tifa, and the Madam will only lend her assistance if Cloud agrees to one of her famous hand massages. 


Now, you do get to choose which massage you prefer: the Luxury Course for 3,000 gil, the Standard Course for 1,000 gil, or the Poor Man's Course for a hundred gil. You can pick the more expensive options, but if you are broke and can only afford the Poor Man's Course, you're in for a traumatic experience

Prepare to endure Cloud's screams of agony and painful writhing as Madam M shrieks with maniacal laughter at his suffering. The woman is clearly a sadist, and the fact that someone has to actually pay for such torture is beyond bizarre. If you are particularly sensitive to the suffering of others, do yourself a favor and fork out the extra gil.

Hell House

A house monster sounds like something a four-year-old would make up, followed by a crude drawing of a little cottage with angry eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Honestly, it's not the scariest of images. Hell House, on the other hand, is another matter.


Cloud and Aerith find themselves in the Wall Market battle arena, and just when the heroes think they have won the no-holds-barred tournament, the final boss is unleashed. This homicidal domicile first attacks with various elements of magic, and then things get progressively worse from there. The house suddenly sprouts spider-like arms and legs, then charges at the protagonists before crushing them under its massive weight and shooting them with bolts of electricity.

As If that wasn't bad enough, the house then takes flight and begins circling the area, dropping explosive objects in its wake. But by far the most disturbing is the Hell House's "Hospitality" attack: the house will open its door and devour its enemies, eating away at their hit points before taking its fill and spitting them back out again. Who thought of this? And what does its existence say about the world of Final Fantasy 7 Remake?


Don Corneo

The needle on the creep-o-meter shoots all the way up and breaks through the glass when it comes to the don. Don Corneo runs Wall Market from his lavish mansion, acting as the puppet master of all the sector's shady goings-on. His sleazy nature is almost cartoonish, like Pepe le Pew multiplied by 10.


Apparently the don regularly requires a new "bride", and a series of candidates are often brought before him to choose from. Corneo practically salivates while he leers and gropes the candidates, inspecting them from head to toe with perverse glee. Once he makes his choice, things get even more creepy behind closed doors.

Once inside the don's boudoir, Corneo attempts to seduce his new "bride" by crawling on all fours across the bed and giggling like a school boy. The don revels in his newest concubine's revulsion and vehement protests, and even decides to "preserve the moment" by taking photos of the occasion. Thankfully, the heroes are more than capable of handling themselves against Corneo's less-than-artful wiles, but it's still unsettling to catch a glimpse into the don's salacious appetites.


The Train Graveyard

You might think the moniker of this location in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not to be taken literally ... think again.  At first, the Train Graveyard appears to be an abandoned station filled with inoperable cars, and nothing more.  Sure, it's kind of creepy, but it's not like it's actually haunted or anything.  Except that it is.


As the company makes its way through the old railway station, it's not long before they encounter strange phenomenons — eerie laughter, spooky whispers, and messages that appear in ethereal graffiti.  Soon the spirit of a child appears before the group, but when Aerith tries to communicate with it, the group is suddenly attacked by a not-so-friendly ghost.  

The dangers continue to pile up and the enemies get more and more sinister from.  Their harrowing journey caps off with the appearance of the Eligor, a truly terrifying phantom that flies through the night upon a hellish chariot.  According to the Final Fantasy 7 lore, Eligor is the one responsible for trapping and tormenting the poor souls of the graveyard, and it "feeds on human fear."  This guy must be well-fed, because it is certainly the stuff of nightmares. 


The Ghoul

The fight against this monster actually takes place during your time in the Train Graveyard, but the creep factor was so high it warranted its own place on the list. 

As Cloud and friends weave their way through the dangers of the old railway station, they find themselves in a dark, empty room. Or at least it seems that way until objects float into the air before hurling themselves at the party. The hostile specters at last reveal themselves, swarming around the space to form a storm of anger and hatred brought on by the intrusion. 


"Coming to get you," whispers Aerith. The apparitions then join forces to form the terrifying Ghoul, a creature with fierce claws and glowing yellow eyes that attacks Cloud and his companions with full force.  Ghosts are one thing, but a ticked off mega-demon is something else.  

Once the creature is finally defeated, Aerith utters the line, " ... you've been waiting for someone to come and play with you." If that's their idea of fun, you probably don't want to know what happens when they really get mad.

The Failed Experiment

After the destruction of Sector 7, two of the characters find themselves exploring the remains of an underground research lab. It seems that the facility was abandoned long ago, and the results of the studies conducted there were simply left to their own devices. The pair soon encounter a horde of "Unknown Entities", which are vicious humanoid creatures resembling the anti-hero, Venom, of Marvel fame.


But the entities are the least of the heroes' worries as they near the end of the underground facility and confront the hideous being simply dubbed the "Failed Experiment."  The creature towers over its brethren, about three times their size, and uses them essentially as cannon fodder against the protagonists.

According to Final Fantasy 7 Remake's lore, the Failed Experiment and its buddies were once human beings subjected to horrific tests by Shinra and then left to fester underground. Whoever these pour souls once were, their humanity is now long gone, replaced by the urge kill and feed.

Professor Hojo

Professor Hojo, the head of Shinra's Science Research Division, epitomizes the evil mad scientist archetype. He even looks the part, wearing a long white lab coat and small, round eyeglasses, not to mention his thin, weathered face and unsettling grin. It's actually almost comical, until he opens his mouth and starts speaking.


Hojo has spent most of his life studying the Ancients and conducting experiments for Shinra, though it's his own motives that drive him. His thirst for knowledge leaves no room for ethics or morals, and makes him a truly dangerous foe. While Aerith is being held captive by the nefarious professor, Hojo has no trouble voicing his intentions for the girl in true Bond villain fashion. He announces his plans to force Aerith to "breed" so that the bloodline of the Ancients can be passed on, and even threatens psychological torture to get what he wants from her.

Hojo is far creepier than even some of the toughest monsters in the game. He sadistically delights in the struggles of the heroes, yet also distances himself from their misery through a clinical sort of indifference. 


Specimen H0512

One of Hojo's terrifying test subjects, Specimen H0512 (you definitely don't want to know about the other 511) is released from the confines of its test beaker and unleashed upon the main characters. The Specimen looks something like Cthulu's uglier cousin, with a face full of tentacles, disproportionate limbs, and a colossal, disfigured body. 


Anyone else would run the other way screaming at the sight of this abomination, but Cloud and his companions have no other choice but to fight off the creature in a harrowing boss fight. With a single swipe of its massive left claw, it can send its foes flying across the room. It also has the ability to adapt, becoming increasingly tougher. On top of that, H0512 is assisted by minions that look like giant eyeballs with legs (and you thought giant spiders were creepy) that attack at the bidding of their monstrous leader. 

Of all the subjects in Hojo's lab, Specimen H0512 is arguably the most horrifying.

Hedgehog Pie King

You might remember the Hedgehog Pies from the original Final Fantasy 7: small, squat, spiny red creatures who are really more of a nuisance than anything else.  These little monsters return in the remake, but they are far more creepy than their predecessors. Imagine huge, bulbous toads that bounce up and down while terrorizing their victims, with their long, slimy tongues dangling out of their oversized mouths.


Apparently, these little vermin have their own king, which terrorizes the children of the Sector 5 slums. What begins as a side quest to find the missing kids patrol turns into a monster hunt, as Cloud tracks down the slimy creatures and their crowned leader. The fact that the little toad monster even has any concept of kingship is just bizarre, though most likely it just found itself a shiny hat.

Queen Grashstrike

Imagine a giant praying mantis with the long nose of a mosquito and a scorpion tail that shoots you with sticky webs and venomous spit. Now imagine a whole colony of these creatures with their own queen, marking their territory by building nests and laying eggs to make more of these things. 


The Grashstrike Queen is a formidable foe that incites a whole mess of creep vibes, and can be found in the Sector 4 Plate as well as the vast Corkscrew Tunnel.  There may be a lot of disturbing creatures in the game, but the Queen Grashstrike outranks them all when it comes to freaky giant bug monsters. Their beady eyes, giant pincers, hard exoskeletons, and massive size add to their terrifying appearance.  

It's unlikely any professional exterminator would have a pesticide strong enough to kill a Queen Grashstrike. Thankfully, an ex-SOLDIER with a giant sword is up to the task.